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Jack Leslie should have been England's first black footballer in 1925. Let's build a statue to be proud of. MORE: https://jackleslie.co.uk/

by The Jack Leslie Campaign in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

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Energywomble 2nd March 2021

A fantastic campaign for a giant of a man. It's so sad that he didn't play for England, as he ought, because of racism, but we can honour him now. This great player deserves recognition!

John William ps 5th February 2021

This is such a deserved campaign for someone who should have been a legend - Jack’s career with its goals, assists and crowd pleasing skills shows how he deserves the recognition stolen from him.

Pete Stiff 27th October 2020

Jack Leslie is my great grandmother's cousin. His story has been passed to me through the family, and I am very proud of his achievements.

Simon Wright 13th October 2020

To a brilliant English footballer this country was not deserving of. Let this statue be a celebration of a your talent and a reminder of what we could have achieved were those at the top not blinded by racism as well as hope for what we could achieve in the future.

paulhayes-cornwallcouk 28th September 2020

Jack Leslie's incredible story should be remembered and the lessons learnt. Huge progress has been made since Jack's time but there is still so more to do to ensure inequality due to race, gender, sexuality and religion is finally eradicated from society.

gregfoxsmith@msn.com 20th September 2020

Great to see some of the Campaign supporters this weekend! Happy birthday Jamie- youth ambassador! And thanks to Hayley for the lift, Patrick for the frame, and Loud Rich for the shirt!

Matthew Tiller 19th September 2020

A donation to celebrate Jamie Burton’s 18th Birthday. Jamie has been our Youth Ambassador doing amazing work on social media and raising thousands through raffles on his own initiative. Jamie, you’ve been a star throughout the campaign. Thank you!

gregfoxsmith@msn.com 28th August 2020

This £300 takes the total Foxsmith family contribution to £1000 and our name on the plinth, thanks to the generosity of my Mum who like all my long-suffering family have supported me in this campaign. The crowdfunder was an emotional rollercoaster, and having hit the target it has been very moving to read all the comments from so many of the wonderful people who have contributed- thanks to all. My Mum Sylvia says “I have never understood racism, and for example when I heard about the treatment that Jack Leslie endured because of his skin colour, I was appalled. As Martin Luther King said in his “I have a dream” speech, I want my children and Grandchildren to live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character”

Let's make 'The Jack Leslie Statue' happen

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