Looking to fight any inappropriate moderation of our rights & standards post-Brexit. Hoping to provide a wide range of help for UK citizens

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Just Another Brexit Site hopes to help re-unite the people of Britain by helping them to understand each other. Also, it hopes to fight any inappropriate moderation or scrapping of our rights and standards post-Brexit. Currently a lot of the UK's legislation in human rights, equal opportunities, workers rights, animal welfare, environmental standards and food safety standards, comes from the EU. We want to do our best to ensure that our government doesn't alter or remove areas of these acts that will drastically affect our living standards and our lives.

Another aspect of this project is to provide help, advice and funding to those people who find themselves seriously affected by the Brexit vote. As such, we hope to fund legal advisors, financial advisors and mental health professionals to help people who get into financial or legal difficulties due to Brexit, or who find they are suffering from stress, anxiety or other negative emotions due to the vote.

What we hope to be able to achieve:

  • Fighting any inappropriate changes to our rights and standards wherever possible.
  • Hiring legal personnel so that people have free access to legal advice. 
  • At the moment, unhappy Remain voters are being brushed aside and are being accused of being unpatriotic, some Leave voters are being incorrectly branded 'racist' or 'facist', and numerous ethnic minorities feel afraid of the new environment they find themselves in. There is far too much hatred and anger out there and although this won't be curable overnight, we hope to try and tackle all this prejudice head-on.
  • Hiring financial and business experts that can help small and medium businesses deal with the turbulant times ahead. Also, providing a fund for small businesses that may suffer as a result of this vote.
  • Hiring mental health professionals and therapists to help those people who genuinely feel depressed, anxious, scared and vulnerable by the result of the EU Referendum. 
  • Running a professional website, which at the moment can be found at www.justanotherbrexitsite.weebly.com. This hopes to tackle the fear and resentment that currently resides in both Remain and Leave camps.  It also aims to provide unbiased factual information and will attempt to debunk any potential propaganda and spin.
  • Where needed, we will try to tackle other political issues in a democratic way.

This is a very ambitious project and as such, we are aware that some of these things may not be things we can achieve. However, we intend to do our best to achieve everything we can. Please note that we do not guarantee success here but we do guarantee that we will give it our all.

What are the risks to this project?

This is a Keep What You Raise project and as such, any donations will be non-refundable. Even if we do not make the amount we are striving for, we will collect all funds and do our best with whatever we have raised. However, as with most campaigns, we cannot guarantee success and if the project does fail, we cannot reimburse funds. Those that do donate to this campaign, do so at their own risks.

If this campaign does fail or if it should come to an end due to unforseen circumstances, the founder will do their best to ensure that any remaining funds will be divided equally between four charities. These charities will be Great Ormond Street, Epilepsy Research UK, British Heart Foundation and WWF.

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