Izzy travelling to Calais/Dunkirk to help refugees

Izzy travelling to Calais/Dunkirk to help refugees

Help me go to Calais/Dunkirk to help refugees

We did it!

On 5th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £360 of £250 target with 16 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

Additional funds raised will go to anything the camp needs and/or to supporting other volunteers to travel and stay there. This will be updated with as I gather info on the camp's needs which change day to day. 

Hi folks,

Like everyone I know, I've been shocked and grieving at what is happening on our country's border, to adults and children who are destitute and fleeing conflict. But I'm inspired by all those people who have dropped everything to go and help. 

I don't have a job so I have a bit of time to travel to the camps and support - but I have no surplus cash to do this after 3 months of looking for work.

I am in contact with organisers on the ground and am assured that I can be useful and give a much needed break to those who have been there long-term, and be part of the flow of support that needs to be sustained even if the situation is not in the headlines every day.

Your donactions will cover:

 - £60 car/ferry transport there and back

 - £186 = 6 nights hostel at £31 per night maximum (cannot guarantee safety of sleeping in camps)

- £20 Local travel expenses and food

- £15 Crowdfunder / DD fees 6% 

Anything extra on top of £250 target, or savings if I manage to get cheaper accomodation, will go where it is most needed in the camp and/or to support other volunteers to travel and stay to help. 

I am leaving THIS THURSDAY 24th, so I would appreciate if you'd pledge ASAP so that I am not completely broke when I return! 

You can still pledge after that date up until Monday 4th April. 

I start a new job when I come back on 31st and it's my only break from Uni til October, so now is really the only time I can go and do this for a time.

I figured instead of despairing at the news every day it's time to do my tiny bit. I'd really appreciate it if you can help me do that. 

Love and gratitude,


P.S. There is currently 1 space in our vehicle, if anyone wants to make a similarly last-minute decision to go! Message me!

P.P.S. If you've got no cash yourself, and instead you want to donate items to the camp; I can take a limited amount of relevant clothing/equipment donations but can only pick up before my 9am departure Thursday 24th. Contact me!

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