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by IVF LAB SETTLEMENT in London, England, United Kingdom



Infertility topic became sine a main rising problem in the UK ; as one in six British couples have difficulty conceiving naturally. (Dr ROSEMARY LEONARD, Daily Mail, Apr 17th 2019); reason why after having considered the NHS long time waiting list for people requesting IVF treatment and my own background as Biomedical Scientist; I  thought  for IVF lab’s settlement in  the most affected areas of London related to statistics for this issue to be solved.


Therefore; this should be at low cost (affordable for all; as this could be half charity and half limited company ) than the ones ready existing through London and the UK in general, because it seems to be mentioned that more people  in the UK with this problem are going abroad seeking treatment due to the lack of  being regarded as priority matter on the NHS ; as the more they are waiting for  the worse their concern is getting on. 


So that;  I will be contributing to life changing pathways by helping these neediest people with equal opportunities whatever their age, disabilities, ethnic, gender, religion, etc. Hence; my principal idea is participating to my community’s  struggle and raising an appropriated solution to that. Then; this could lead not only to the decreasing of the long waiting time process for the NHS but also to the jobs creation for volunteers and well trained individuals of this background.


Please donate generously for this dream to come through;as with no support ; how to proceed?

Thank you