Ivana Chubbuck Youth Accreditation and Classes

To get an accreditation in the Ivana Chubbuck Technique so I can share this incredible & empowering method of acting with young people in UK

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Ivana Chubbuck youth, an exceptional acting technique that focuses on using objective driven tools that allows for an empowering performance both on camera and stage but can also be used to empower the self through life and it’s many challenges. The pioneer of this movement is Ivana Chubbuck, a renowned acting coach who has helped top Hollywood stars such as Eva Mendes, Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt and Halle Berry- to name but a few, to reach their full potential.

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My Plan? I have been given the unique and exceptional opportunity to  study the Ivana Chubbuck technique with Ivana Chubbuck herself so I can gain an accreditation to coach the technique to young people aged 13-18 years old in the UK. I would be the sole coach using this technique to train young people here in the UK and it is my dream to open a number of classes in and around London with the idea of sharing this elite acting method to those who would not otherwise be able to access it. 

The dream is very simple for me. I would love to make this high standard of teaching accessible to all. Therefore in every class I teach I will give at least one free place to a young person who would not ordinarily have a chance to study with such a high standard of coaching. Someone who is from a background that would perhaps not normally have these kinds of opportunities. My plan is to provide these children a real opportunity with the desired outcome of advancing their acting careers with a clear aim of helping them to break into the industry- a break for those who desperately need it and want it and otherwise would never get it.

The even bigger dream? To expand the classes to be accessible for EVERYONE. I would love to reach children with learning and physical disabilities that would hugely benefit from this style of empowerment based training. I have also in the past taught acting in South Africa on behalf of the Imibala Trust Charity and it has been my dream to go back again ever since and teach more. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to reach those children in Township schools about the power of empowerment?! 


About me. I have been teaching Acting, Drama and Dance since 18, alongside working as a professional Actress. I have a BA Hons in Performing Arts from The University of Chichester, I have studied Lee Straberg’s Method Acting Technique in New York and I have been training in Ivana Chubbuck’s technique for the last two years as well as studying Ivana’s work for the last five years. I have extensive knowledge of managing and promoting young people’s Acting classes through years of work with many different companies I have had the pleasure of working for. I now believe the time is right to begin my own class and to take all those years of experience and channel it into something that I strongly believe in and want to share. I hope that you can help me on my journey. 

So how can you help? My plan is very simple. I need to study with Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles and gain the requisite accreditation. From there I will return to the UK and open my first class. With every fifteen paying students, I will provide  a free space to a deserving student. When I have filled the first class on an ongoing basis I will start another. From there on in I believe the business can create a whole host of opportunities to help young people through it’s own success. What I ask from you as the funder is whatever you can spare, any spare change you have please fold it up and send it through the fund me button!!! Your money will go towards the cost of the accreditation which will be an   intensive 8 week programme in the USA, the accommodation and flights and the startup costs of running and marketing the first class for the first three months. After this, my research indicates that the classes will begin to sustain themselves, so I can start to share this amazing technique as quickly as possible to as many as possible.

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