To give the performers and entertainers of the world there own specific platform they can use to network, create a fan base and an income.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Itsalivething is a website and application which gives a self managing platform for performers and entertainers of any level. They can use this platform to manage their career build a reputable fan base and earn an income; this is all done by them live streaming their talents across the net. 

I was in my friends kitchen and I wanted my friends who are performers to come out but they couldnt afford it, and thats when I had my eureka moment!

Since I had the idea I first of all put all my time into consolidating my ideas and laying them out in a basic design for the website.  Once I completed this I knew it was time to take this seriously as I saw what a gargantuan project this had quickly become. I made the decision to go to the princes trust so they could help me with my business plan. The business plan took longer than I wanted it to as when I explored my idea even more and looked into the competitors I had quickly realised that there was nothing out there like this, no one was supporting the unranked amateur performers like I  would like to. 

Now the planning stage was out the way and I had completed the business course I used my skills to gather the team around me I needed. I now have everything I need to take this project to next level apart from the funding which would pay for initial hardware, production and marketing costs. 

My time recently has been best spent doing market research and the response ive had from performers and viewers have all been positive feedback, on the first day I spent in leeds city centre I had 25 people that wanted to sign up on the spot. This motivated me to not stop, I now spend my days and nights finding people to talk to and tell about the idea. 

I dont want itsalivething to be purely internet based. My goal is to firstly make the platform and get people involved but then to use itsalivething as a tool which open up doors in management, music distribution,  agencies and even change the way the we watch live entertainment.