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We aim to offer those effected by mental health struggles during the corona virus, a FREE creative mental health zine. The It's OKAY Zine!

by sara prinsloo in Hemel Hempstead, England, United Kingdom

We aim to print at least 500 Zines to distribute amongst those struggling with mental health issues during lockdown. We will communicate with Hertfordshire establishments to target our audience. 

But what is a Zine? And who are we? 

The It's OKAY Project was born in 2020. It has evolved from a story of bereavement and mental health struggles. A mission begun to support others with mental health problems derived from varied reasons expressed in our work. Our project aims to drop the stigmas attached to mental health and communicate stories of peoples struggles and achievements. We encourage a creative outlet as a form of communication for our mental health battles which we transform into a regular Zine. (a magazine without the maga!).

The Zine is based around mental health struggles and achievements. A Zine is a small self published magazine which can be kept and shared amongst others. Because mental health is often stigmatised and communicating our feelings can be challenging, the Zine is a perfect tool to do so. We believe a creative outlet is a great form for communicating our mental health and we hope to inspire readers to use art and writing as a way of expression. We also believe in giving creatives/writers a platform to express themselves in a professional publication and be proud of their work! Our open call for mental health writing and creative work hopefully will inspire readers to participate. Our Zine communicates annonomous stories of peoples mental health issues, its these very stories that help readers feel connected, not alone and begin to understand their mental health issues. Obviously every reader is different which is why we have a wide variety of written pieces and art from a huge range of backgrounds. We hope at least one thing in each Zine will communicate with every reader! 

What people have said about our Zine:

"So much powerful writing in there. You've created something amazing. Thank you. You don't know how much this is helping me right now reading other peoples experiences. I am crying right now. But they are tears of solidarity"

"I have finally found time to read your magazine properly. It is heart breaking. I work with teenagers and try to mentor them so that they do not get in the state your contributors are in. It is desperately sad. Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you for what you have put together. It must have been a real labour of love."

"I think it's great what you have done. I like that people's stories are anonymous too and I want to support the project."


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Free Zine!

Pledge just £30 and we will send you a FREE It's OKAY Zine once we have hit our target!

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Get a FREE Zine and a selection of art work

If you pledge £100 we will send you a FREE Zine as well as a bunch of some really cool art prints made by Sara Prinsloo

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