Its not my fault

It's not my fault! explores the devastating impact of child sexual abuse through the inspiring stories of two women who found the strength to survive.

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“It's not my fault!”

Running time: approximately 80 minutes

The Problem

One in 10 children will experience some degree of sexual abuse – sadly it’s not a rare occurrence. It happens at all social levels, in all countries, and in all races and cultures. Recent research has also highlighted that 70% of sexual offences against children were perpetrated by abusers known or related to the victim.

Because of the often strong feelings of guilt, shame and fear, victims will frequently not disclose sexual abuse for a long time and will sometimes never be able to talk about what they have been through.

The impact of abuse on the victims can be long term and devastating. Yet, despite being depressingly common, it is only in recent years that the lid has been partially lifted on this sensitive – still almost taboo – subject.


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