Its Detox Baby! The Most Awesome Detox in a Box

by Dr Allie Stone  in Surrey

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

It's Detox Baby needs help to get out of our garage and into a proper work space and to fund the last part of our amazing detox box launch.

by Dr Allie Stone in Surrey

So what’s this awesome project?

Its Detox Baby is an all-female, family business comprising of a mum and her 3 amazing daughters. We are creating unique, handcrafted and ethically sourced Detox boxes, and delivering them directly to our customer’s doors. This family owned and run start-up business was created by Dr Alison Stone PhD, a health and wellness director and holistic practitioner with over 20 years of experience in some of the world’s top health and spa brands.

This isn’t just an amazing idea (even if we say so ourselves!), we are actually 90% complete already, we just need some help to get us the last 10% of the way. This fundraiser will enable us to buy the equipment and production materials to go into full production.

Sounds amazing so far! So why are you going to be so successful?

It’s Detox Baby a quirky light-hearted brand for our detox products to bring a bit of humour and cheerfulness into the wellness world. As much as our branding and website is a tad tongue in cheek, the basis of our detox programs along with the knowledge and information provided for you comes from our experience of creating and delivering health and holistic programs in the health and spa industry.

We have incorporated modern and traditional ideals and only use organic products sourced from UK companies as we love to support local businesses. As part of our ethical practise, we ensure that the products are 100% natural and sustainably sourced from origin.

Regular internal cleansing rituals have been part of natural health for thousands of years and as students of Ayurveda we learned that regular organ cleanses at the change of season, have been used for leading a healthy long life and is the best form of preventative medicine available to mankind. 

We have created a safe and successful detox which does not deprive the body of food but supports the natural cleansing organs of the body with a food based cleanse aides, purges the body with cleansing herbs then boosted the rejuvenation of new cells with vitamins and supplements.

We also included meditations to detox and cleanse the mind which holistically supports our 11 different boxes and allow for a continuous healthy journey to optimum health.

We don’t just care about your health, we also care about the environment, and our website and products materials are actively encouraging the re-use and recycling of packaging wherever possible.

Ok, I’m sold, but what will I actually get?

We will be creating a range of 11 completely comprehensive 30 day organ and genre based detox boxes.

Its Detox Baby detox boxes are sold individually and on a subscription basis.  With our subscriptions each month a beautiful detox box containing the detox of your choice is delivered to your home or office.

Delivery is free of charge and we deliver on the 1st and 15th of every month. Anyone who would like an immediate delivery can request this for a small charge. 

Each box contains food supplements, tonics, teas and digestive aids that support the specific chosen detox. Additional to this we have included our own heated cherrystone pillows, daily mouth cleansers, aromatherapy oils and we have even include, in true holistic style,  special meditations for each box so that our wonderful customers can benefit from detoxing their mind as well as their body

We offer 3 Starter boxes that focus on cleansing the Colon & Kidney, Liver & Gall Bladder and Parasites & Candida. 

Our Deluxe detoxing and rejuvenation 30 day boxes are fantastic to use after the starter boxes or alternately work very well on their own to cleanse and rejuvenate: Skin & Eyes ( Male/Female options ) , Hair & Nails ( Male/Female options ) Men’s Health, Women’s Health and De-Stress.

Our Platinum boxes offer excusive support for very specific areas of health. The Rest & Recuperate boxes is for those recovering from illness, surgery or who are burnt out and our popular Frequent Flyer box supports those with sleep disturbances and who travel or do shift work on a regular basis. By request we have included a fabulous 30 day pre Wedding detoxes for loved up couples to cleanse and rejuvenate before their Big Day.Bottom of Form


Sign me up! But wait, what do you need the cash for?

The money that we raise will be used to buy essential top quality organic ingredients, eco based products and packaging that will allow us to create our first batch of boxes ready to be sold. Unfortunately our garage, where we have been creating and curating our boxes, has become too small and we need to be able to store and produce higher volumes on a larger scale so that we can reduce costs and grow. We also need and Epsom Colour Works C7500 label maker as all our labels are hand crafted and we will save time, money and carbon foot print by doing this ourselves.

Your pledge will fund product ingredients, packaging, labelling machine and secure us a decent premises to work from and help us further develop our brand.

OK, I’m ready to pledge, so what’s my reward for supporting you?

We have awesome rewards lined up which you can see at the top right of this page. Here is a bit more detail about each of them.

Everyone who pledges will have the honour of making it into the Its Detox Baby ‘Fab Funders’ page that will be on display on our website.

Tier 1 - £5 – Thank you

Tier 2 - £25 – Thank you, you are awesome and fab funders

Tier 3 - £50 – 15% for a year

Tier 4 - £150 – Personal starter detox box + 15% for a year

Tier 5 - £350 – Personal Consultation + Tailored Detox Box + 15% for a year

Tier 6 - £450 – Personal artwork + Personal starter Detox Box + 15% for a year

Tier 7 - £1000 – 3 month deluxe subscription + 15% for a year

Tier 8 - £1500 – 3 month deluxe subscription, consultation, personal artwork + 15% for a year







This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

You aren't in it for the gifts and recognition, you just love supporting great projects, and we truly thank you for it too!

£25 or more

£25 Reward

You are truly awesome and are helping us get closer to our goals! As a thank you we will list your name on our fab funders page on our website and tweet the world about how amazing you are :)

£50 or more

£50 Reward

You are not only now one of our amazing fab funders, but as a thank you for your amazing contribution, we will give you 15% off our entire product range for a year!

£60 or more

0 of 100 claimed

£60 Reward

For your support we would like to thank you for your contribution by adding you to our Fab Funders page , we will give you 15% off our entire product range for a year, AND a T shirt with any design from our boxes AND a goody bag of our accessories!

£150 or more

£150 Reward

You are awesome, no seriously, we mean it. And as a thank you, we will be adding you as a fab funder, giving you 15% off our entire product range for a year and also curating and sending a special one-off crowdfunder Detox box, packed with our amazing products, just for you!

£350 or more

0 of 50 claimed

£350 Reward

Ok, this is pretty amazing... Not only will you be a fab funder and get 15% off our entire product range for a year, but the owner (and Health and Wellness expert) Allie will give you a 30 minute consultation, and design a personal detox box, just for you! Yeah we know, it's pretty awesome right! And that's why we have to limit numbers on this amazing offer.

£450 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£450 Reward

Ok, this is a seriously cool reward! Not only will you become a fab funder, get 15% off our products for a year and get a crowdfunder one-off detox box, but our super talented artist & youtuber Meg will paint you a unique piece of artwork in our signature 50's style. If you want to see how cool that will be, check out this link, a video says a thousand words ;)

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

You are serious about Detox, and it's a good thing we are too! so to thank you for your amazing support, we will give you a 3 month Detox subscription along with 15% off our entire product range for a year. That's an amazing deal!

£1,500 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£1,500 Reward

This is the ultimate detox package. Ok, deep breath and here we go... You will become the most amazing fab funder, get 15% off our entire product range for a year, get a 3 month deluxe subscription, get a personalised piece of artwork from the amazing Meg and also get a personal consultation with the owner and health & wellness guru Allie! Phew, you can breath now, and take in what an awesome reward that is... this is a truly special package and its super limited, so sign up now to get the ultimate backer reward.

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