It's BEAN too hot: Short film

by Hedvika Michnová in Tanzánie

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A documentary showcasing sustainable coffee production and the impact climate change is having on coffee plants and farmers worldwide.

by Hedvika Michnová in Tanzánie

Your contributions will cover the costs for a major shoot in Tanzania including travel, accommodation and additional expenses of a two-person crew. 


Climate change is affecting coffee production around the world. It's BEAN too hot tells the story of farmers whose livelihoods are at stake as they need to adapt quickly to the changing conditions. 

Through sustainable coffee farming farmers can not only save their crops for the future but also help save the biodiversity on their farms.


What is the problem? 

By 2050, the land for Arabica coffee is predicted to decrease by 50%.

70% of the coffee that we drink is coffee arabica. This plant requires specific conditions to grow, including specific altitude, temperature and healthy soil conditions. 

As the climate is changing, the temperature is rising and pushing areas suitable for growing coffee Arabica to higher elevations. This creates a problem for millions of farmers who grow their coffee in lower elevations and are not able to move their farms up the hill. 

The changing climate also encourages the spread of diseases such as leaf rust that affects the leaves of the coffee plant causing it to eventually stop producing coffee cherries. 

Adapting to changing climate requires severe changes in farming and funds many of the farmers don't have.

So how do we save coffee? 

There is no one right answer for this problem. Every farmers' situation is different and requires different adaptations. 

I have been interviewing farmers in Costa Rica where some of them are now turning to sustainable farming. This, amongst other aspects, means establishing agroforestry systems, ones where trees are planted on coffee plantations to provide shade, windbreak and healthier soil conditions. Moreover these farms are beneficial for wildlife, especially birds, who also help the farmers with pest control.

This secondary shoot will be in Tanzania where the initiative for coffee&climate work with farmers to help them adapt. Here, climate change not only creates environmental but also social problems by increasing the gap between men and women and pushing the younger generation to leave rural areas. 


Why is this film important?

Most of us drink coffee. But do we know where it comes from? Coffee connects us to a global economic system that has been evolving for centuries, to the farmers in the tropical regions and millions of others involved in the process of making your cup of coffee. This story needs to be told for us to realize what is behind the cup of coffee, the struggles farmers are facing and what all of us can do to stop coffee from disappearing and save millions of livelihoods. 

Next steps 

I have completed a shoot in Costa Rica where I have interviewed farmers and filmed material for my trailer. I am planning a final major shoot in Tanzania in February 2021 that will allow me to finish this film. For this shoot I am collaborating with an initiative for coffee&climate that works with thousands of coffee farmers in Tanzania helping them adapt to the effects of climate change.


Every contribution matters

While I was able to self-fund the first shoot essential for creating a trailer for this film,  I don't have the monetary capacity to complete this key second section without external backing. I am keeping my costs as low as possible by staying with the locals from coffee&climate, however, my biggest cost is the travel involved in getting to Tanzania. Any help will be crucial to make this project happen.

With your donation we can make a difference to the millions of farmers, roasters and brewers whose lives depend on coffee. 

1607687319_sn%C3%ADmek_obrazovky_2020-12-11_v%C2%A011.46.16.pngKeep up to date with my progress on social media @itsbeantoohot

Who am I? 

1607687546_img00081-edit-2.jpgI'm Hedvika, a Czech filmmaker and photographer based in the UK. It's BEAN too hot is a very personal project for me as it combines three topics I'm very passionate about: coffee & climate & conservation. I am passionate about creating films with stories that matter and help make the world a better place.

You can follow my work on instagram @hedvika_michnova.jpg or on my website  

Thank you for your support! 


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