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It's a wrap Vote for us and we will take you on a journey from the moment you purchase your gift to the very second you hand it over.

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Favoriser Limited is a bespoke gift wrapping service run from my west London home. I have a vision to expand my company by offering my services at London's largest shopping centre's beginning with London Westfield. I have always loved  shopping for gifts found it increasingly frustrating when I could only choose from three styles of paper/ bows and knew I could do a much better job. I do not  simply wrap your gifts but I  create mini peice of art, using materials ranging from organza lace ribbon to recycled news papers. 

I create hampers using baby nappies for babyshowers which is a growing industry In the UK. With one born every minute more and more mothers are opting to host baby showers, traditionally more popular in the US. 

My bridal shower gift boxes add to the excitement of the bride's dream day. They also give the bridesmaids a sense of importance as they undertake the important role of the bride's right hand. 

The gift wrapping industry is significant and growing market and is growing. Everyday  there is a reason to celebrate or just simply say thank you to family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. 

Vote for me and you won't regret it. I am  fun, exciting and excited  to share my journey with you.

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