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iTERaTOR is a live-interactive-360audio video installation, designed by experimental filmmaker Luca Salvagno.

by Jessica Gough in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the extra money, we hope to take iTERaTOR further, distributing it at festivals, galleries and competitions both here in the UK and abroad. Our submissions potentially include:

  • Visual Art Open (UK & International Emerging Artists Awards) 
  • The International Biennale of Performance, Collaborative and Participatory Arts (IBPCPA)
  • Commiserate Chicago 
  • Towner International (for the Brewers Prize) 

These festivals/competitions allow the creators of iTERaTOR to win money towards other projects, present us with opportunities to network with other artists and to overall give iTERaTOR the recognition it deserves. 

What is iTERaTOR?

"iTERaTOR is the final conjunction of all those things I learned, and I shouldn’t have, during the years I spent in Falmouth. It’s an interactive, 360 audio, live experimental film exhibition which is inspired by Bardo Thödol, The Tibetan book of death. The exhibition itself will consist of a large cube with interactive features that enable the public to explore chapters of the 'Book of Death' via each face of the cube.

The concept is at the base of everything, the book itself is incredibly visually detailed; It describes the journey your soul will do on the subsequent days after death, all the way to the reincarnation into the new family that will guest you. 

What really caught my attention is how many people are influenced by the ignorance of what happens afterlife; iTERaTOR comes to help thinking about this. The time you can spend playing, thinking or meditating inside this infinity room will make you realize how what we have is temporary and how much we must appreciate it, without feeling guilty or sad about it, but by embracing that moment"

Director - Luca Salvagno

The team we are working with is fairly small; only four people, cast excluded will work in this project, allowing so to give everybody space to propose ideas and discuss them.

Luca Salvagno, AluculA.

Designer and Director of iTERaTOR, Luca experimented in visual arts, multi-screen setup and live tools for visuals in different environments in the past years. After working in multiple roles and productions during his years in Falmouth university he can't be happier to be directing such a complete and fulfilling project as iTERaTOR.

Jessica Gough                         

Researcher and Publicist of iTERaTOR (and general helper outer) Jess, has explored various backgrounds within film during her time at Falmouth including roles in directing and producing. More recently, after her work with NBCUniversal, Jess has honed her specialism to marketing and how to create the best campaign and outreach to determine iTERaTOR's success. Jess has a love for innovative technologies and is excited to finally make iTERaTOR a reality.

Kilhan Wittock 

Art House cinema passionate Kilhan has been experimenting with physical medium such as super 8mm and 16mm cameras in the past years of his life. He will be assisting the creation of chapters two and three of iTERaTOR.

Georgia Forrest 

She is a third-year film student specialising in screenwriting. After previously working on short narratives and even a short documentary her passion lies within storytelling. Originally from Birmingham her passion for cinema stemmed from portrait photography and acting. Georgia has also been able to develop her love of film by exploring roles such as directing and cinematography.


iTERaTOR, being interactive, require more attention in the pre-production phase and during the exhibition with all the tools needed to live-monitor the position of the cube and adjust the 360 images in order to always match up chapters with the respective audio.


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