Help me appeal my Italian citizenship application

by linda Lower in Churt, England, United Kingdom

Help me appeal my Italian citizenship application


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To appeal my Italian Citizenship application to the Court in Rome. My application was denied as my mother became British when she married.

by linda Lower in Churt, England, United Kingdom

I applied for Italian Citizenship because I want to leave the legacy of my Italian heritage to my grandchildren. My application has been denied because my mother became British when she married my English soldier father in 1945. (He had help to liberate my mother’s village near Ancona, Italy).

The law has changed now as it was deemed unfair and she could now get her citizenship back but sadly she died in 1988.

When my application was turned down I was told I should appeal to the Italian Court in Rome.

I have discovered though that this will cost in the region of £6,000 and I just don’t have that sort of money.

As the law has already changed I should win the court case, but I just have to go through the motions!

Gaining my Italian citizenship would enable me to pass on this legacy to my children and grandchildren which in turn will allow them to retain all the benefits of learning, living and travelling in the European Union.

My mother would be so upset if she knew that her citizenship had been denied to her descendants. She was a minor when she married (just 17). 

Please help me to take this forward. Thank you!

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