Italian Bistro with Delivery and Takeaway Service

Italian Bistro with Delivery and Takeaway Service

We are raising these funds to purchase our equipment for the new restaurant and to develop the property in which we will be located.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Bella Cibo is a tasteful and contemporary Italian Bistro with the added feature of takeaway and delivery service which will be located in Cumbria. We want to offer the experience of having a restaurant menu delivered and enjoyed within the customers own home. 

There are two unique selling points to our company:

  1. Delivery service of Bistro Style food, delivered to the customers home as hot as being sat at our tables within our restaurant.
  2. The company also has a licence to deliver alcohol to its customers with their meals; this will be the only company within a 30 mile radius.

Our company will offer high standard quality meals at reasonable prices, our ingredients will be sourced from different regions of the world, with many of the ingredients coming from Italy. Our chefs will be trained to cook every dish on our menu using our specialist ingredients, delivering passion and empathy to every dish, which will makes us different from other takeaways and Italian restaurants.

Bella Cibo is a tasteful bistro Restaurant with the added benefit of delivery and takeaway service to customer’s homes.

  • Restaurant – The Company will have a minimum of 40 covers within the restaurant, which will allow the customers to see our trained chefs preparing their meals in our stone based oven.
  • Delivery – The Company will offer delivery service for our full menu, which will cover a radius of 10 miles, reaching places like three major towns all within 15 minutes. 
  • Takeaway – The Company will allow customers to have the option of takeaway meals if they would prefer rather than waiting for a delivery or a table within our restaurant.

The company will recruit a restaurant manager to manage the day to day activities and management of the staff. There are plans to recruit a supervisor who will support the Restaurant manager day to day, there are plans to bring in trained chefs who can add their passion and skills to our dishes, giving the staff the opportunity to develop and deliver their skills to the customer’s dishes.

Overall the company plans on recruiting a team of 15-20 staff members all from cumbria.

Year 1 Projected Turnover - £280,000 - Net Profit - £38,000 (1 Restaurant Operating)

Year 2 Projected Turnover - £480,000 - Net Profit - £62,000 (2 Restaurant Operating)

Year 3 Projected Turnover - £975,000 - Net Profit - £95,000 (4 Restaurant Operating)

Year 4 Projected Turnover - £1,200,000 - Net Profit - £340,000 (4 Restaurant Operating)