It takes a village to raise a child

by Nicky Holgate-Young in Histon, England, United Kingdom

It takes a village to raise a child
Not quite
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I’m inviting the community to give a little support to help a small baby have their family together

by Nicky Holgate-Young in Histon, England, United Kingdom

There is a young couple in Histon trying hard to make a go of life with a very young baby. I’m inviting the community to give a little support to help give this couple the life raft they need to be a FAMILY. 

So what I hear you say, there are plenty of families in need and struggling, it’s down to them, I’ve got enough to worry about and the system should be helping them. 

Thing is this is a young couple with very little positive family support, a society around them expecting them to mess up, and a tiny baby who they adore and to whom they’re amazing and loving and united parents.  

Yes the system is helping them a tiny bit but despite the help and both working hard they are literally stuck in a ‘life catch 22’- not enough money to save, low credit score, no deposit to get a place to be together, forced to live apart most of the time in shared accommodation and literally making daily choices between baby milk and bank overdraft repayments.  The emotional strain is huge for them right now - they are existing and surviving. 

But new parents and small people simply deserve more- to be together and to be happy.  That’s what this crowd funder is about- simply helping them to help themselves be a TOGETHER family. 

Over the next couple of months many people will be spending a lot of money on gifts for loved ones and family and giving to charities too. This family doesn’t have a charity registration number or big logo to attract you to- a hidden family in need.  

No maybe you don’t want to give a big chunk of your forthcoming spends but if everyone in their local and nearby community each gave just a few pounds (the price of a coffee or sandwich) it would mean that they could place a rent down payment on a small place close to their wider family and their work and that they could call their ‘family home’.  They genuinely are not fussed how big or nice it is, they just want a space to be the family they want to be. 

They don’t know about this crowd funder and aren’t on social media. It’s a tricky situation - they want and welcome support but don’t want to publicise their need and be judged for their situation. 

Please give whatever you can spare and thank you for taking the time to read this 

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