Plastic Recycling Makes a Difference

by Simon Rooksby in Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

Plastic Recycling Makes a Difference


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Plastic Waste remains a big global issue. Computers for Charities does not have the cure, but is active seeking to respond and reduce

by Simon Rooksby in Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

Computers for Charities has been in operation since 1994 and pioneer of electrical recycling & reuse. 500,000 computer system have passed through the charities hands, which back in 1994 would have ended as landfill. 

Representing a lot of tonnes and a myriad of chemicals leaching into soil and water supplies. 

The bulk of this equipment has provided further global benefit through reuse...

 Plastics however have been an issue for CfC and other organisations. Despite our stringent in house recycling processes, end of life for the plastic content of equipment remains a problem. 

The fact is Plastic processing companies do not accept raw plastic materials, unlike other forms of plastic recycling. 

Hence landfill practice continues and is not the solution. 

Simply by granulating our waste plastic in house, we can avoid the landfill equation, whilst also enabling reuse. 

Equipment is needed to make this happen, and need your financial support today for the purchase of a plastic granulator which reduces your old laptop case or computer screen into pellets, which plastic processing companies can utilise for manufacturing.  

Let's make 'Plastic Recycling Makes a Difference' happen

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