It Made Me Consider Me - New Diorama Theatre

Immersive theatre company Gruff are devising a brand new site specific show at New Diorama Theatre's ND2 in February 2018.

We did it!

On 26th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £1,505 with 41 supporters in 28 days

What we're raising for...

In February 2018, Gruff Theatre have been given the HUGE opportunity to perform a three week run of It Made Me Consider Me (IMMCM) with New Diorama Theatre at their new site-specific space ND2. It is an incredible opportunity for the company and is the largest production we have done to date. 

This is a BRAND NEW SHOW devised by the company.

We would love your support to make this show the best possible production it can be. To do that we need some help to transport the audience into the SLIPPERY HAZY DECEPTIVE world of memory. 

We need £2500.00 to spend on production costs - set, costumes and props to transform this show!!

The money we receive from your generosity will go towards:

  • The final set design of the show
  • Amazing costumes made by our designer Rachel Gammon 
  • Sound equipment for the space

The more we can raise, the higher our production values can be and the bigger the audience we can reach. As we so want this show to be something special for every audience that experiences it. Every donation helps. Really it does...

About the show 

IT MADE ME CONSIDER ME is a site-specific experience, transporting employees into a world of amnesia where everything is stored, but nothing is remembered. Middle-management will micro-manage you through endless tunnels to mis-remember an altered past, present and future.

Fantastical and absurd, this show is an entirely immersive piece that makes full use of the spaces labyrinthine corridors and service tunnels. It is unique.

You can also buy tickets to the show at:

Why support us?

We are a group of people dedicated to experimenting and trying new forms of theatre that go beyond what you have seen before.

This culture of cuts to the arts has made it increasingly difficult to sustainably run a theatre company in the way you could in the past and create something new. But we are determined as theatre makers to continue experimenting even in these troubled times. The work our company has created is work that has stayed with audiences long after the event. We create experiences that connect people and create true moments of interaction.

This is a huge springboard moment for our theatre company and we would be eternally grateful if you could help us seize this moment.

We have been very lucky to receive Arts Council funding for the early development stages of the work and New Diorama Theatre have given Gruff their full support through the entire process, however we still need funds get it up and running! 

The Company aka GRUFF

Gruff Theatre create innovative, site responsive, immersive performance inviting spectators to engage with atmospheres, spaces, stories and characters. Working in unorthodox theatre spaces, Gruff Theatre engage with the possibilities of the live event. The company work as a  collaborative ensemble to develop absurd and grotesque performances which facilitate genuine encounters with audiences. The actor’s craft and audience experience is at the heart of our creative process.

Reviews for Gruff Theatre... 

“I’ve witnessed the company develop a fascinating approach to creating immersive theatre environments. I am certain with the right kind of support to realize their ambitions, Gruff Theatre will grow to become an influential force in London’s alternative theatre scene.” 

Jonathan May, British Council

“Awkwardness as an art form … The charmingly weird Gruff Theatre offer up a whirling game of dress up and dress down in which etiquette is everything and anyone who doesn’t get it just-so will find themselves on the end of some very odd looks indeed. Inventive, fun and freaky. "

The Londonist

"Instructionally Invited is devised by a company who's passion for what they do is infectious and they’ve created a show that offer audiences something unique that is far bigger than the 60 minutes run time of the show."   ★★★★

The New Current 

"I really enjoyed the production and thought it caught the play as well as any I've seen…you created a vivid ensemble"

Caryl Churchill

"Gruff have managed to conjure a feeling of constant yet elusive threat. We don’t know what it is we’re afraid of, but we’re afraid of something, and so we laugh nervously all the way through." 

Anna Richmond - The Tung

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