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Mel, a unique 17-year old driven by the desire of joining university and following her dreams, is heartlessly stopped by her mother.

by Vasco Venancio Oliveira in London, England, United Kingdom

Set in a dystopian world stuck in the 80's, this story takes us through a day of Mel, a peculiar 17-year-old young woman, life and the struggles she has to go through to achieve her biggest dream, which is joining university and leaving behind the boring small town that brought her up in highly traditional values. All she has to do is overcome the evil forces that are up against her, in this case, her Mother, a cold-hearted woman that even though protective, doesn't see the means to achieve what she desires. Going through this peculiar day with Mel, is Isaac, her loving and very loyal brother, who makes sure he is always there for her.

The main inspiration for this melodrama is the frustration in our everyday life and the constant hope to achieve. This one is for the dreamers.

For now, we are presenting only two characters, Mel and Mom, complete distinct people that lead our story.

Bare in mind that these are simple presentations of the core and soul of these characters, meanwhile, we are searching for the perfect fits to give life to these two incredible women.

MEL, a seventeen-year-old young woman who lives in a small, traditional and conservative town. Immersed in her own world, all she wants is to escape the hands of conformism and subjection in order to pursue her dreams. Obstacles will try to stop her from doing so, though, will she be strong enough to face the odds?

MOM, a middle-aged, cold-hearted woman. Lost in her attitude and envy, she leads a life of illusionary lust. With the lack of the traditional male figure in her life, she takes power to her own hands, trying to control those around her, especially her daughter. Day-after-day the routine promises to be the same as the day before. Will it ever change and turn her world upside down?

This is a surrealist portrait of our reality, a way to show what is wrong and what we have to change; the way chosen to portray this was through a traditional narrative, hero vs antagonist but giving it a modern twist. 

It goes through a day in the life of this dreamer that, in a way, got her wings cut-off by society. The pain is felt, the anger is felt, and that is what we want to portray with even more aggressivity on screen.

The main inspiration for this film is a song of the same title by the Norwegian singer Aurora, but apart from that core essence, the bigger picture is an amalgam of visual and theatrical references. Regarding films: Coraline (2009), Amelie (2001) and Misery (1990), are some of the examples of the overall visual idea of the film, along with the strong (not-lived) nostalgia for the 1980s, a plastic and superficial world contrasted with darkness.


This film will be a must-watch, I created this screenplay for the dreamers, which I believe means every human that inhabits this planet. Both the characters are fantasists, in their own particular ways, but in the core that is what defines them. Visually, this will be a very interesting film to look at and analyse, I don’t intend making something neutral, but something theatrically insane.


As the Director, I am in charge of bringing the story I wrote to reality, bringing out from the cast the best they can offer and making sure our crew knows exactly what I envision so we are all on the same page. As one of the producers,  I oversee and help to make final creative and logistical decisions. Collaborating with this crew is just perfect, everybody is creative and wants to input their vision into it, what I absolutely love, this is what makes a film, collaboration. These are the reasons why we need your help, if all you can give us is £5 go ahead, we will so appreciate you for that, but if you can go up to some amazing value like £500, then have a lookout for the cool packages we are offering! Meanwhile, we will be working to our max to make sure we bring what we are promising! See you later xx


I will be Co-Producing the film with Vasco, helping to organise and make the film possible, hiring actors and finding locations as well as handling the budget. I will be looking to collaborate with all the departments to ensure that together we make the greatest possible film both ourselves and the audience. I look forward to the end result and guarantee it will be something you will enjoy as well as being a film we can be proud of creating.


As one of the producers in this film, it is my job to make sure things are organised as smoothly as possible to allow for a production that will be of the highest quality possible. I have worked on several short films before, as well as corporate and music videos. It Happened Quiet is a project I'm very glad to be working on and I am excited to help out in the process of making this unique storyline into a great film.


Being an Assistant Director equals to tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule and arranging logistics from pre-production. The core of the role is to be sure that the filming schedule is respected and moves forward. With multiple people involved is important that the director's vision is maintained by following the schedule, optimizing every bit of the production. I think this film fits well its genre and gives a sense of a strange empathy with the characters. The tone is really well delineated and is highly personal. There is a great use of production design, where part of the funds will go, and coordinating it together with the crew will be an engaging experience. The story is very thrilling and enigmatic and will hook the audience, I am very excited about being part of this project with this team.


As the Cinematographer for this project, I am in charge of translating the director's vision onto the screen. I will be working alongside my camera and lighting assistants to bring this script to life. My work will tie in closely with that of the Production Designer to ensure that the viewer is placed within a fully realised world when watching this short. I believe this film will captivate the audience through many of its visual and story elements. As it centres around the relationship between parent and child, it is something we can all relate to. We already have a great crew who have been immersed in pre-production and figuring out the logistics of the film. One of the important reasons we raise funding for this film is to help bring this pre-production into reality and give us the freedom to create the short film that this brilliant script deserves.


As the Production Designer, I manage and work alongside the Art Director and Art Assistant. My role is to deliver the visual concepts that emphasise and portrays underlying themes of the narrative through design. I believe this story will engage the audience through a variety of successful storytelling elements such as pacing, distinctive characters and an enigmatic ending. It is a great nod to 80’s Horror films but combines a modern outlook from the team, in what makes a successful short film for today’s time. I believe the synergy between the uniqueness of the story and the striking visuals will create an ethereal viewing pleasure. It is important that we raise funding for this film for many reasons, but particularly for the art department so we can achieve our headstrong visions and reach the film’s full potential.


As the art director of this film, I will work under the direction of, and alongside, the production designer. My role is to help the production designer deliver their creative vision, through concept art, managing logistics, and creating budget and script breakdowns. I will be working with the rest of the art department to source, buy and fabricate the props and scenic elements to bring the world the film inhabits to life.  I think this film has great potential, it has well-written characters, a compelling story and a fresh take on occult horror. I think the audience will find themselves entranced in Melanie’s story and the world in which it takes place. The art department will be very important to this film and the ethereal look we’re attempting to bring to the story. A good part of the funding will go towards helping us realise this vision and create a world that brings the story to life!


As Sound Designer, I am in charge of everything to do with audio. Where a Director of Photography would envision the visuals of a film, I do the same, but with soundscapes that bring the images to life. It is my job to create the atmosphere and tone of the film, telling the story of the scene, outside of what you see on screen.  After reading the script and being asked to join the team, I knew straight away it was going to be a really fun project to work on. With nods to classic horror and psychological thrillers, audibly this film will dig into that nostalgia, with modern and experimental twists, giving you a fresh experience within the genre. We are all so eager to start filming this special project. But we can’t do that without your help! Projects like these need the money to be fully realised, so even the smallest amount can really help us make this a great as we can!


I will be editing and colour grading this project. I have experience in documentaries, music videos and advertising, but short films are what I am most passionate about; this is why I am really excited to be working on “It Happened Quiet”. As soon as I read the script, I fell in love with the way it combines teenage angst and tragedy. In terms of aesthetics, I am attracted to the idea of combining vintage of modern elements. Overall, I feel like this film won’t be one to miss. Hopefully, I will get to use the editing experience I have gained through working on previous projects in this fictional film.

Your help will allow us to fund, in the majority, the whole film. Underneath you can see how we intend to distribute the budget through the different departments. 

The funds raised will support:

- Moving Cast and Crew, from and to Set + Providing excellent Meals.

- Getting the most suitable Locations.

- Creation of a visually perfect World around the Story.

- A mind-blowing Score to accompany the Visuals.

- Entering our Film in Festivals and getting it out there.

We count on you to make this film possible!

Let's do this.


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Limited edition script signed by the crew and cast + CD or Cassette with the "It Happened Quiet" Soundtrack. Plus all of the above. *minus exclusive art print.

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For this reward, you will receive an exclusive ‘It Happened Quiet’ vinyl of the soundtrack. Plus all of the above rewards. *minus CD/Cassette

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For this reward, you will have the opportunity to have dinner with our director, Vasco, in London! All expenses will be paid up to £150. *Only available in the UK. *Including everything from previous rewards except vinyl.

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