IT for AZBUKA Russian-English Bilingual School

IT for AZBUKA  Russian-English Bilingual School

Funding IT equipment and support for Azbuka, England's first bilingual Russian-English primary school, opened this September

We did it!

On 6th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £300 with 6 supporters in 56 days

Help us to fund IT equipment and support for AZBUKA - England’s first Russian-English bilingual primary school, launched in September 2015.

The Azbuka Russian-English Bilingual School builds on more than a dozen years work in London offering extremely popular complementary and nursery education. It was the first Russian nursery to be Ofsted-registered, and has recently expanded to offer a full-time primary school with a groundbreaking fully English-Russian bilingual curriculum, a Saturday school, a Russian cultural centre and a bilingual education resource centre for the wider community.

Azbuka is a non profit organisation and a UK registered charity which aims to be accessible to the broadest range of families regardless of nationality and income. It receives no government funding and is reliant on parents and those who support its mission to cover significant running costs. These include essential IT equipment, support and software.

We need your help with equipping the school, to ensure our successful development so that more students can benefit from bilingual education!

IT equipment and support include:Scholarpack (main and essential admin software for primary schools; to be used at AZBUKA Nursery, full-time school, Saturday school and Cultural centre)2 desktop computers2 white boards1 big screen and projector


AZBUKA testimonials:

The joy of learning that our 4 year old son wants to go to school was simply overwhelming. He started Reception year in September 2015 at Azbuka school in Mortlake and after the first term break he was so keen to go back to school that the night before the first day of the second term a miracle happened – he for once behaved as a responsible adult and went to bed without even a hint of trying to sneak out of it.

Several months before that, my wife and I had no problem with making a decision to apply for a place at a school that didn’t even exist at the time – in fact, it didn’t even have any premises to call itself a school. However, the thesis behind the proposition – a fully bilingual education in English and Russian following English curricula – was strong and unique enough for us to take chances.

Then followed a series of pleasant surprises: school building turned out to be in a converted church, which previously had been a host to a school – with all necessary modern fixtures and fittings tastefully contrasting with original church features, an abundance of open space and a variety of kids’ accessories. Teachers and managers turned out to be not only as a dedicated, determined and highly qualified team of professionals, but also interesting and nice individuals. Daily studies and activities are varied, engaging and creative. The whole environment inspires and encourages learning.

So, after all, we should not be surprised our son wants to go to school. In fact, I secretly wish I could somewhat go back in time and go to Azbuka from the age of 4 myself. I am sure had I had that chance I would have done much better in life. But then at least I have an excuse…Andrei Rybak, parent


‘As an newly arrived adoptee from Russia, our daughter found the AZBUKA Nursery an ideal home from home as she settled into this country. The staff at the Nursery and, later, the Saturday School treated her with immense kindness and professionalism. We felt very lucky indeed to have found AZBUKA.’ Best wishes, Gregory Wilsdon, London

“АЗБУКУ” отличает атмосфера творчества, кипучей деятельности, радостной открытости новым идеям. В школе собрались преподаватели разного возраста, но когда находишься среди них, почему-то возникает ощущение, что все молоды. Видимо, потому, что взрослым удается быть на одной волне с детьми, чувствовать и принимать их интересы и строить занятия в соответствии с с тем, что волнует наших детей именно здесь и сейчас, а не с тем, что написано в официально одобренных методичках. Думаю, это лучший подход к изучению языка.Наталья Склярова,журналист, редактор, преподаватель русского языка


I applaud the initiative shown by the AZBUKA group in offering a Russian-English based education.AZBUKA has now joined the growing numbers of schools that have recognised the cognitive, social and cultural benefits to be gained from a bilingual education. Their initiative will strengthen UK-Russian understanding, be to the profit of AZBUKA pupils and their families, and on a broader scale will undoubtedly support UK economic development. In other words this school has the potential to be something very special.Marc Wolstencroft retired Headteacher of Wix the first state school in England to offer a French-English Bilingual education, consultant, supporter of AZBUKA Foundation.


Дорогая Азбука!

То, что вы просто есть – уже настоящее чудо. Уютный, теплый и по-настоящему душевный дом русского языка и русской культуры для наших малышей. Здесь интересно, познавательно, весело и очень безопасно, ведь детки находятся в руках настоящих профессионалов своего дела, которые о детках в Азбуке говорят, как о своих родных, и заботятся о них точно так же! Мне повезло получить бесценный опыт двухнедельной практики в Азбуке в рамках моего курса “Преподавание в начальной школе” (Postragraduate Certificate in Primary Education) в UCL Institute of Education в Лондоне. Спасибо всему коллективу Азбуки за то, что они творят чудеса каждый день!С уважением и любовью,Кира Абраменкова


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