It could be any one of us one day

It could be any one of us one day
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising money for a charitable cause that is very important to me so please donate and help me reach my target

Started on 14th February 2020 London, England, United Kingdom

Thanks for taking the time to read my purpose for this crowd fund.

I met the gentleman in the photo in 2016. He’s name was Mr Taylor and we met as I was to become he’s carer. 

Mr Taylor suffered with dementia and by the time we met, he had become very forgetful as expected and was not very trusting of many. 

After three months of pushing to build a relationship with Mr Taylor, he began to trust me and from there on, we developed a beautiful friendship. 

He was a very intelligent man, previous a university lecture. He moved over to England in the 50’s and made a wonderful life for himself and he’s family. 

He was so inspirational but equally loosing himself everyday. It was hard to watch and I felt every frustrating moment for him. 

I learnt so much from this friendship and I genuinely feel my presence made a massive difference to the final years of he’s life. 

Mr Taylor passed away on the 14/07/2018 and it was incredible hard for me to get my head around not seeing him again. I spent a long time very sad about the situation but on reflection, we both gained so much and he can now be at peace ????????

So to end on a positive note, I have decided I want to help raise money for  Mind and I would be so great full of you could donate anything to help me achieve this. 

Thanks for the read! X

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