It Ain't Pretty And It Ain't Pink

by Elise Williamson in Atherton, England, United Kingdom

It Ain't Pretty And It Ain't Pink
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"IT AINT PRETTY AND IT AINT PINK", a scripted theatre piece being devised to raise awareness surrounding cancer!

by Elise Williamson in Atherton, England, United Kingdom

This project is to further expand Elise's knowledge of devising and creating new work based around hard-hitting subjects that are coming further to the fore for many people across the UK and around the world. Edwina and Elise met and created a very organic bond in which it was important for them to tell this story on a theatrical platform to give people something to associate with who have been through the same thing. The piece's aim is to be entertaining, individual, funny, honest and educational. With the strong professional background in theatrical technique of Elise and the true to life, wise words of Edwina this has already began to create a strong basis for the division of the piece. These are REAL women, real triumphs and devastatingly real tragedies. Stripping away the ribbons, the pink, the hearts and myths of cancer, she illustrates this brutal and heart-breaking disease in her own unique way; but also reveals what cancer builds- inspiration, unity, courage and of course, love.

Triple negative breast cancer used to be a rare-strand of cancer with a 72% survival rate if caught early enough. More and more young women are being diagnosed with this type of breast cancer. Cancer on the whole is now expected to be a case of "1 in 2" people having to develop this in their lifetime. They are going to create a piece of theatre fit for everyone to connect to and empathise with - something people can understand and to help people battle through it together as a community. The piece wishes to encourage awareness and help people find a non-direct way of empathy/understanding of the process and journey to being diagnosed or dealing with a friend/family member being diagnosed.

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