In 2018-19, we desperately need to upgrade/rebuild our current kennels in order to continue our work.

by Islay Dog Rescue in Cumnock, Ayrshire and Arran, Scotland

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Islay Dog Rescue (Ayrshire) is run by Lorraine Jardine and Richard Thomson, along with a small, dedicated band of volunteers. 

In Dec 2010 two of our dogs were tragically killed. Despite huge effort we found it almost impossible to adopt dogs from several rescue centres and thought that many other potential good dog owners must be suffering the same experience. By this point we had discovered the hidden facts about death row dogs and wanted to help. Initially, we hoped to rehome two dogs each year. To date we have successfully rehomed nearly 500 dogs. 

Our lives are now completely dedicated to our mission. We don’t want to become a bigger organisation but we want to become better and better. 

We have helped some dogs who were broken beyond belief and this drives us. 

Lorraine (a teacher and Animal Assisted Therapist) works with the local authority. She has run school programmes to help educate children and young people on staying safe around dogs, the importance of neutering and the plight of death row dogs.

In 2018 we desperately need to upgrade/rebuild our current kennels in order to continue our work. 

Our dog kennels were intially built in 2011, made of wood and have suffered badly due to the adverse weather we have in Scotland.

We have worked hard to achieve our 2017 goals which were to; tarmac our grounds, resurface our arena (dog excercise area) install a visitor lounge and toilet area and upgrade our fencing/gates with thanks to grants received from Tesco Groundwork and Lush Retail. 

However we are now in the fortunate position of having received a 10K donation from a life insurance policy of a dear friend and avid support of rescuing dogs. With this donation, would love to put it towards rebuilding our kennels. However we understand in order to rebuild our kennels, we will require more investment and unfortunately we currently have no further grant money available to us.

We worry that we will be unable to continue saving lives of dogs on death row if we cannot rebuild or upgrade the current kennels by 2019. 

Furthermore, we would love to expand to having more than 10 kennels to ensure we do not have to turn people away who desperately need our help. Ideally, we would knock down the current 10 wooden kennels and rebuild new, brick kennels which would be easier to clean and be well insulated in the poor weather. This way, the rescue dogs would continue to be kept safe and warm, yet also we would reduce the risk of any potential disease by being able to clean them thoroughly.

We would welcome any visit to our rescue centre to show you exactly what we wish to achieve.

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