Islamic Counselling Training

by Raheel Idrees in Watford, England, United Kingdom

Islamic Counselling Training
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I require funding for my Islamic Counselling diploma (CPCAB accredited) . The Muslim community is in desperate need of such services.

by Raheel Idrees in Watford, England, United Kingdom

Asalamu aleykum


My name is Raheel and I am psychology graduate who is currently training in Islamic Counselling. I am on a two-year course and have just completed my first year. I managed to fund the first year but am struggling to find funding for the second. I have approached a number of organisations, but they do not have the capacity to support me at the moment and so I am reaching out to the wider community for support. 


I got in to this field because I realised the great need within the Muslim community for services addressing mental health problems. There is so much stigma and lack of proper knowledge around mental health issues which leads many within our communities to remain silent about their suffering and not receive the support they need. This plays a big part in many of the problems we face such as drugs, violence, domestic disputes, identity issues and even terror related activities.


Many of the psychological services available do not attract Muslims because we feel they will not understand our complicated family structures, our relationship with religion, our struggles as minorities and our multiple identities. Therefore, there is a great need for Muslim practitioners in this area, so we can reach out to people who need help and can be heard and understood.


My training in Islamic Counselling encourages me to listen, with heart and without judgment, and to be a voice not only for the Muslim community but all those who are suffering. Right now, Muslims desperately need to be heard and to heal and to grow. To be understood from our own perspective and not that of others.


The training programme I am on is accredited by the CPCAB and is highly regarded by many organisations around the country. I have just started a placement with one such organisation and the need for Male Muslim counsellors is clear to see. I am the only Male on my course and the only Male within the organisation. Men generally are less well served by psychological services because they feel unable to ask for help especially in a field dominated by women. This is amplified within the Muslim community. Not only this, but because of the patriarchal nature of our communities the suffering of men can have such far reaching consequences for everyone involved. And by the same token the healing and growth of men can have a positive impact on the community as a whole.


I am writing all this to highlight how vital it is for the Muslim community to support and encourage those within it to pursue such training and how beneficial it can be for us as a whole.


Aside from the Islamic Counselling course I work fulltime within the NHS and have a family to support. There is a very real chance that if I do not find the means to finance my studies soon then not only will I have to terminate the course, but the course may shut down for the 6 other students as the tutors cannot absorb the cost of my leaving.


Please donate here and support me to complete my training and provide much needed services to the community.

If anyone would like to get in touch with me for further questions my details are:



Mobile: 07828789190



Raheel Idrees

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