Isla A C Photography

by Isla A C Photography in Embsay, England, United Kingdom

Isla A C Photography
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I've decided to use the crowdfunding route to help me set up my business to offer dog photography sessions.

by Isla A C Photography in Embsay, England, United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Isla, I'm 12 and I love taking photographs. I particularly enjoy taking photos of dogs, having had a dog and been around them all my life. The picture here is my dog Lucy. I’m crowdfunding to be able to buy myself photography equipment including an iPhoneX to use to take photos as I especially like using this. I’ve looked at SLRs and thanks to my Grandad have one of these but I really love the way the iPhone X is easy to carry and snap great photographs in the moment, so plan to use a combination of both in my business. I'm contributing myself from money I've saved and plan to work and raise the funds through the packages I sell.

What do you get?

I’ve set various packages – the Woof, the Super Woof and the Mega Woof – so that there’s choice for what you’d like.

What do people say?
I have enjoyed photography since I was about 4 years old – my mum says I’ve always been great at it, but she’s not a photographer (she’s a homeopath though she did say that photography was one of her fantasy alternative careers one time) so I thought I’d share what my photography tutor said about me:

‘Isla is a very talented young lady. Her photography comes from an innate talent and she has an eye for composition. This makes every photograph she takes intuitive and thought provoking without saying anything. Her pictures have a timeless and mature quality to them and shows her natural talent. Amazing images.’

And more? 

'Isla's photos have a magical quality that most of us would expect from a professional photographer not someone so young. She has a natural talent.'

See what I've done already?

Have a look on my website here:

I’ll be able to take photos locally to me in North Yorkshire.


It'll be Tuesday or Wednesday mornings (I'm home educated so can be a little bit more flexible), Saturday or Sunday sessions and we'll arrange it once I know if I've raised enough money to go ahead. The project is an All or Nothing one, so if I don't get the funding I won't be offering the sessions. Please help me to achieve my goal!

Once my business is up and running my plan is to give a percentage of my profits to an animal rescue charity.

Thank you for reading – if you don’t have a dog and want to share what I’m doing I’d be really grateful – and if you want to sign up and help me kick start my business then I’d be really really grateful too!

Please help!

I'm excited about doing this and hope you'd like to support me,

With thanks, Isla


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

The Woof

The Woof is my basic package and includes a photography session of up to one hour for one dog, one 7x5 print and the digital copy of this.

£65 or more

The Super Woof

The Super Woof is my mid-level package and includes a photography session of up to one hour for one dog, three 7x5 prints and the digital copies of these.

£80 or more

The Mega Woof

The Mega Woof is my top package and includes a photography session of up to one hour for one to two dogs; five 7x5 prints and the digital copies of these.

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