Isla-Rose & Children in Need Kids Fit & Dance

Isla-Rose & Children in Need Kids Fit & Dance

To raise money and have a great time doing it....thats what we are doing..on November 8th we'll be holding a 2 hour event where yoObjective:

We did it!

On 2nd Nov 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 25 days



To raise money and have a great time doing it....thats what we are doing..on November 8th we'll be holding a 2 hour event where you and your kids can workout and dance together...sweating, laughing and loving...and giving to two great causes..there will be Sh'bam!

***** RAFFLE**** with great prizes generously donated by local people and available on the day!

We all know Children in Need and the great work they do, the people they support and money they raise..what a fantastic example...

We also have children in our own community who need a hand now and then...everyone meet Isla-Rose Simmons​ a beautiful little girl who has what's called Dravet Syndrome, as a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy that begins in infancy. Isla-Rose has spent so much of her short life in Hospital, had multiple operations, tests and is a very unwell little girl...with our help her family can provide her with the safe, nurturing environment at home that will help her have a life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible...can you imagine not being able to talk to, to cuddle or hold your child for fear of causing them yet another seizure...neither can I but this is what Isla-Rose's parents face everyday.

You can read more about Isla-Rose here

Can we find it ourselves to get up, get out and move with our own kids to raise to support for both these amazing causes?

No Problem, if you can't borrow any...just come and dance and have cake, get massaged!


The idea is simple..

1) Your children do their best to get sponsorship to do the event..Once they have go to £10 or more of sponsorship they can come to event Free! (Download sponsor form from this event)

2) You come to the event and pay £10 per adult to do the 2 hours of fun and dance with your kids (you can also pay £10 per child if they are not keen on doing the whole sponsor thing).

3) You invite all your friends and share this event as much as possible, post in schools and clubs etc...
Feel free to download the flyer and use it!

4) Just Donate...if you don't want to dance (crazy I know!) or are too far away, you can just donate using paypal.

We want to raise as much as we can, so we'll also be selling cakes and treats and there will be a sports massage therapist doing short sessions (for contributions of course)

If anyone has any products or services they would like to offer and showcase at the event please get in touch


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