‘isit’ - A Debut Poetry Collection (Illustrated)

by Haris Ahmed in Shipley, England, United Kingdom

‘isit’ - A Debut Poetry Collection (Illustrated)


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This book aims, to tell a story that is both relatable with a personal touch; through the relatability of love and relationships!

by Haris Ahmed in Shipley, England, United Kingdom

‘Isit’ is a poetry collection which aims to combine visual arts with words, in a way that is accessible to all whilst telling a captivating story.

Each poem is based on a scenario that i have lived through, as i strongly believe that our best stories come from those of our own everyday lives! 

The title ‘isit’ was decided when i wanted something short, snappy, but also different; it’s all well and good having a flowery and grand title, but if it’s just to fill a header then it’s disrespectful towards the work you are trying to put out.

‘Isit’ originated from conversations i had with the muse of this whole project, it was used to transition conversations, tease each other, and proved to be a very *versatile* piece of vocabulary that i use to this day..

So why should you be a part of this?

For starters, you would be fuelling the growth of creativity in a new generation; i personally believe the true value of poetry and literature is being lost, as many young people nowadays equate poetry to memorising long quotes they may not necessarily be interested in!

As it stands the writing industry is saturated with many experienced individuals of varying genres, and though this is good for producing content; it leaves the future of the writing world in doubt as how is this generational bridge crossed?

So far the project has received amazing feedback from people across the arts sector, and continues to gain traction each day! With your help, we can make this accessible to as many people possible across the world!

You are rewarded for your investment, as there are special edition copies available, and as i said in my campaign, even though my name is on the front cover; this is a massive team effort! 

Please consider pledging, as we can’t do this without your support! 

Thank you for your time! 


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