Is Facebook dangerous? - Documentary

Is Facebook dangerous? - Documentary

I am planning on making a documentary on the dangers of Facebook.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am planning on making a documentary on the dangers on facebook.

A lot of people have their profiles so that anybody can see who they are and what their lives consist of. I personally have Facebook and at least one person a day adds me who I have no idea who they are. The scariest part is that I usually have 'mutual friends' with them which almost convinces me that I may know them somehow.

However, when I speak to my friends they say they didn't know who it was and just accepted because they had 'mutual friends' which probably leads back to one person who is the type of person who accepts anyone, no matter whether they know them or not. It's a scary thought how many people use it and how often people are on.

What's even worse is now they have created this thing called 'places' so you can know where most of your facebook friends are at all times, and if you really want to use it then everybody can see where you are!

I sound quite critical of the site but then again I use it very often myself as there is something quite addictive about it. I was quite interested in it though. My main goal in to travel around the world to discover the dark side of Facebook and speak to people who's lives have been effected by the world famous social networking site.