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We are asking for your support to launch the Irish Doctors Choir and to subsidise the participation of medical students in our events

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We did it
On 9th February 2018 we successfully raised £6,825 with 44 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

More Donations - More Music - More Student Singers! 

By increasing our total we will be able to plan even  larger scale events for Irish Doctors Choir and support  more medical student participation in our events. 

'Lift Off!'

We are asking for your support to launch the Irish Doctors Choir. 

If you would like to help us, you could do this in two ways,

  • you can make a financial contribution online here
  • you can tell your friends about us, share the link to this appeal and share our video / social media posts. If you ask your friends to share too, we can have an even greater impact!

About Us

Under the artistic directorship of well-known Irish musician Brian MacKay, this exciting new group of medical singers comes from right across the island of Ireland and beyond. 

We first came together this year to sing the magnificent choral finale of Gustav Mahler's Symphony  No 2 "Resurrection" with European Doctors Orchestra in Belfast. It was the musical experience of a lifetime!

Now the singers from Irish Doctors Choir want to continue making fine music together. We plan to give two major performances at exciting locations around Ireland each year. We are experienced singers who are passionate about music and we want to build something special. 

Here are a few thoughts  from Brian MacKay  

“It's not every choir that get's to start with Mahler's Resurrection Symphony! Well, that is exactly how the Irish Doctor's choir has come into being, singing this life changing, possibly once in a lifetime, masterpiece in one of our best concert halls. We thought we were putting together a group of doctors for the crazy idea of singing just that piece. An excellent idea in its own right. But such has been the momentum created and such has been the power of the experience that suddenly we are making plans for the coming years. Plans to provide an outlet for doctors, medical students and others to develop their love of music, plans to share that music within the healing professions, plans to follow Mahler 2.

Now there's a question, how do you follow Mahler. With more Mahler? Well maybe - surely Mahler 8 awaits some day! But meanwhile how about the Rachmaninov All Night Vigil? Power and subtlety, visceral, emotional, transcendent. Rachmaninov, had it as one of his two favourite works. The other, The Bells, was also choral. Based on Russian Orthodox chant, the Vigil is certainly one of Rachmaninov's most personal utterances, he requested that the Nunc Dimitis should be played at his funeral. There is so much that could be said about this work which was first performed in 1915 two years before the Russian Revolution led to official condemnation of religious music. Better to sing it and hear it and experience how it will transcend all such political considerations.”


Irish Doctors Choir is a not-for-profit association of singers. Concert proceeds will be donated to charitable causes .

If you might like to join the choir or invite us to perform in your area, you can find out more and follow the links on our website at

We cannot go forward until we have raised sufficient funds to underwrite our plans for 2018. 

If you think that we are doing something worthwhile, can you support us ?



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Pledge £10

As a supporter of Irish Doctors Choir, you will receive regular updates about our musical events around the country. We believe that you will be helping us do something really worthwhile.

£50 or more

Pledge £50

A 50 pound donation will help IDC to pay for our performance venues and costs. It is the suggested minimum donation for IDC members. For non-singers who make this pledge, we will add in some of the best seats in the house for our 2018 performances.

£100 or more

Pledge £100

This is the suggested average pledge value for our singers to make towards this launch. It will help us to engage the professional instrumentalists and soloists that our Musical Director seeks to bring to our performances. For non-singers who make this pledge, we will also invite you to a pre-concert reception where you can meet with our Musical Director and hear him speak about the music you will be about to hear.

£150 or more

3 of 10 claimed

'Sponsor-a-Student' Pledge £150

This special pledge will support the participation of a medical student in one of our events. A central aim of IDC is to support the musically-talented doctors of tomorrow by keeping them connected with music and each other. We will let you know who your student is and, at a pre-concert reception hosted by the Musical Director and committee , you can get to meet your student singer before their performance.

£250 or more

3 of 10 claimed

Combination Pledge £250

This pledge will be considered a combination of the previous two pledges, supporting both the artistic programme and sponsoring a student.

£500 or more

Pledge £500 to be a Game-Changer for this project!

If you could make this special donation, it would mean so much! We could turn the volume up on our aims to make music together at the highest level we can . For this pledge you will be considered a Founder Supporter; if you are not in the choir we will offer ongoing opportunities for you to meet with us , visit our rehearsals and have a premium experience at our concerts for 2018 and beyond.

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