Ipad to help with my mental health Issues

Ipad to help with my mental health Issues

Im Ash, im 33 and suffer with mental health. trying to raise £400 for a new iPad to help me cope and record problems and become better

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is Ash, Im 33 and have suffered with mental health issues all my adult life. I suffer with severe anxiety, depression, anger issues and some learning difficulties.

This sounds silly but im trying to raise money for a new ipad. I use a lot of apps, and games to help when im having panic attacks. Relaxing sound apps, to colouring apps, and games to take my mind off all the bad thoughts. 

Unfotunetly this was broken on purpose by an individual and I have struggled since without it. being longterm sick and unemployed I am unable to fund a new one myself. This does sound quite selfish and sounds like i just want a new piece of tech. Its means much more to me than just a pieice of tech. 

Aswell as helping me to be calm and relaxed it helps me record data which i provide to my GP and other specialists.

Being World Mental Health Day, i was told to give this a try as there myabe someone out there who understood and could maybe help me. This would really help in the short and longterm of coping with my problems to maybe one day ridding me of them.

Thanks for taking the time to read