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introducing the first Seabin to reduce plastic, oil and other pollutants in the local waters, protecting the wildlife and environment

by IOW Seabin Campaign in Seaview, England, United Kingdom

We are a student led group and as our NCS Social Action Project we want to install the first Seabin on the Isle of Wight.

The island is lived and enjoyed by many residents and tourists, but unfortunately the dramatic increase in plastic in the sea is damaging the local environment and harming the wildlife.

Seabins are extraordinary pieces of equipment which can:

Collect an average of 1.5kg if floating debris per day


Catch micro plastics up to 2mm small as well as other pollutants such as oil

However, these bins are quite expensive so we will need to raise about £3000.

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated 

Many thanks, the IOW Seabin Project

Let's make 'IOW Seabin Campaign' happen