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Many "Distilleries" are actually buying ready made spirit and flavouring it. We want to help the farmers by using their surplus crop.

by james hackney in Wrotham Heath, England, United Kingdom

Years ago we moved out to the Kent countryside to escape the rat race of the city. 

Since being out here we've assimilated to the way of life and have gotten to know a lot of the local farmers. Most are struggling to keep their farms afloat and much of their precious produce goes to waste each year. It's very disheartening for them and a crying shame after all the long hours put in, throughout the growing season.

We got our heads together to see what we could do to use up this wasted commodity. 

Brewing came first, but there are only so many things you can produce. However, if you distill it you open up a plethora of different options, without limiting yourself.

We set to it!

We've already secured and completely renovated a disused coach house. As the coach house is over a century old, we've done this with traditional materials and methods. 

We've done all the paperwork and have met with HMRC for both a distilling licence and duty suspended warehouse (both are agreed with HMRC in principle). All we need to get underway is a still! 

A still is a big ticket item. With the amount of copper involved to react with and remove sulphur compounds (and thus produce a cleaner taste) we have budgeted circa £50k for the still. It is this we are crowdfunding for.

So far, we estimate to have personally invested £150k. We've spent two years doing our homework, getting all the legalities in place, completing countless forms and having meetings, sourcing suppliers and distributors, as well as all of the hard graft with the renovation. We are completely committed to making this happen and with your help, it will.

So why not be a part of a green, sustainable pledge, with a nice tipple to drink afterwards? 

We hope this will not only reduce waste, but support British farming and create more fruit pickers as a result. All things that have become a increasing problem since the announcment of Brexit.

As a side note: True "distilling" is in decline. Much of what you drink is, in fact, "rectified". This is based on the business model that purchasing pre-made spirit and flavouring it, is more lucritive than actually fermenting your own fruit. That may be true, but doesn't help the farmer, the community or give you the satifaction of knowing EXACTLY where your product comes from. In short, it's irresponsible cheating.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

Early batch numbered bottle of gin and invitation

We are confident that our gin will be a game changer. We have big ideas for it. Why not be invited to tastings before we decide which one is best? You'll also get one of the first bottles we produce to keep. Who know's, it may be worth a lot more in the future?

£40 or more

Bottle of our 1st gin

You'll receive a bottle of our first gin

£500 or more

Launch party

Invited to our launch party

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