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INVICTUS WOMEN AIM TO BE A WORLD WIDE MOVEMENT. Invictus is a Latin word and stand for INVINCIBLE, so this is for all the invincible women.

by Invictus Women in London, England, United Kingdom

Invictus is a Latin word and stand for INVINCIBLE, so this is for all the invincible women that after been in the worse hell ever they found the power to stand up and to begin from zero all over again. For all the women that are right now in hell, in the worse black hole ever and need help to get out.

The idea is born from me, a single mother that is still in that black hole and try to get out of it, but in order to do so I must exchange/swap all the pain and suffering not only for me but for my little princess of just 6 months as well, already suffered to much to be that little, so I have to do it for her. 

I must turn all this in something that has an impact on the community, in something that ppl will talk about, I must go bigger. I will try to make a movement for Women facing very hard time where their life is in danger and they must take very important decisions. They need help a support plus be safe. 

So what they need is what I needed it but couldn't find it. Your relatives especially your mums they tried their best to help you in some cases, other maybe you don't even have. 

But in doing their best they will fell, because its not this what you need. You just need a safe place where to escape with your little one and take time to think what to do, but you can't because you don't have the money, your husbands is treating you, you can't alone....lots of reason will taking you on the wrong path. I Want to be that path, that everyone could join for the time they need and find a safe house where to hide or simply get help and support they most need. Not been told by your mother they you made mistakes that's why you are in this situation, and the measures took  extreme for you to keep it.

I want to be a safe house world wide movement that will start a new level or help for women other then the government one, offering places were to go and stay safe with their little one with food, toys, beds, support either emotional and economic to stand up again on their feet with no judgement but only given the possibility to focus on what is better for you and your babies. 

The place will be run buy women and soon as possible will be able to offer services to get an extra income to invest in the organisation but as well as donations which will always seek, by making fundraising nights and invite people from all level of the society to participate at the gala night that we will make to rise the money, certainly this further step will be possible only after starting and having physically a place, at the moment its only on social media level.

Included in the service able to offer when the place is up and running in more cities hopefully, rooms for women or single mum that looking for a nice place babies friendly to spend some times. This could be a very good idea to earn more money to re-invest. And of course for me advertising is a must, actually I am looking even to participate or create a radio channel as well as on youtube and talk about the movement and found more people to involve into or simply women to start to help on social media level right now until a real place is ready to welcome who need a help.

I want to have a big impact on the society where more and more women are facing injustice every day from their husbands or companions, not able to do the right things or what they would like to do, in the panic and the danger that maybe something bed could happen and not having the possibility to be safe and escape. 

I will try to have a big impact to show to the person that cause me such pain that he is loosing I am the winner with millions of women that help each other and stand  all together

The money are going to be used to get a place for this organisation, which I will register asap, where to have beds, kitchen, kids area, all they need to live a life they deserve, meeting room, nice and safe environment. The aim is to have in as much place as possible world wide, active on very social media level to grow as big as possible,partecipating to local tvs, radios and more.

I will be looking for founds and as well ppl that count in world to be a co-founder, and help me help more women as possible. This is not only for single mothers but as well women that simply have hard time or any kind of straggle. 

Let's make 'Invictus Women' happen

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