#InvestInTheBest - Promoting Excellence

This programme trains the best candidates for a successful career in management or leadership role within the complex health service sector.

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Hello and thank you for visiting my campaign page!


Let me introduce myself:

I am Efthymios, a current student at the University of Warwick, pharmacist, and entrepreneur. Moreover, I am an experienced Health Professional with an extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector in different countries across Europe. Since 2014, I am a registered pharmacist holding an MBA with specialization in Strategic Management.

I am a strong believer in human excellence and the unlimited potential of each one of us. After living in different countries across Europe, I had the chance to meet and work with people from all over the world. This is the reason I decided to become a social entrepreneur, helping exceptional individuals or local communities to unlock their hidden potential and thrive under challenging circumstances.

Help me and become part of this great journey in making dreams come true!

About the campaign:

Have you ever thought about the impact youcan have on someone else's life?

Help me make my vision a reality & join this journey!

The power of each individual is unlimited until the moment that finds the courage to take action. What about a foundation that will provide scholarships to young people who have great potential but face financial difficulties?

Let's give them a chance to come to a step closer to achieving their dreams!

We should not wait for things to change but define our future. Let's begin by helping those in need. By donating, you create a new opportunity for some of the brightest minds worldwide, to pursue their dream!

What makes this initiative different?

This is your chance to actively participate in a campaign by adding real value to someone else's life! Donations start from only 5£, because generosity is not related to your financial strength. I depend on your support in order to improve lives and make the world a better place.

We live in a world that changes rapidly every day. The purpose of this initiative is to share the idea of a common goal:


Create a better future for us and the people around us!


It is easier than we think to change the future of people that face financial difficulties. Let’s see an example:

This campaign is just a small step to illustrate that if 150 people in the world that can afford the cost, donate 100£, one more scientist can attend a course that will give him the tools to change the existing healthcare system.

What the money raised will do?

The amount of money raised will completely cover the fees for a top performing student or professional (will be selected after the formal application process) to attend the course MSc in Healthcare Operational Management, offered by the University of Warwick. This course has been designed to fulfill the specific needs and requirements of those interested in a management or leadership role within the complex health service sector.

Moreover, I will offer to the candidate free mentoring throughout the year so he/she can get the best out of this module with the help of top-performing alumni.

About the course:

This course has been designed to fulfill the specific needs and requirements of those interested in a management or leadership role within the complex health service sector. It is suitable for students from a range of academic backgrounds within engineering, business, and sciences. Whilst no previous healthcare background is required, the course will appeal to clinically qualified students looking to move into health systems modelling, e-health, health or medical informatics.

After the graduation:

As a graduate of Healthcare Operational Management, you can expect to work in a managerial or organisational leadership role within a wide range of organisations including hospitals and other healthcare institutions, consulting firms, software companies, governmental organizations, research firms, health insurance companies, healthcare equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and management consultancies. With additional experience, you would expect to progress into a key executive role in the healthcare sector, which would involve leading and overseeing programmes and policy.

Start Date: 
2nd October 2017

One year, full time

With your support, we will eliminate the financial barriers and attract the best talents in the healthcare sector. 


We all deserve better, more efficient and more affordable health services.


Thank you for believing in me and my mission!