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To launch a new Tech-Start-up Business Incubator Programme designed to empower young entrepreneurs to become successful business owners.

We did it!

On 22nd Oct 2017 we successfully raised £3,080 with 45 supporters in 21 days

Taking control of your financial future

 How will the money be used?

We are aiming to launch a business incubator to help start-ups and young entrepreneurs develop their ideas into successful and sustainable businesses. It will be a dynamic 13-week programme where ideas are tested and developed to create robust start-ups ready for further investment. The entrepreneurs will benefit from the guidance of experienced business minds. Through business (entrepreneurial) mentorship, they will experience the value of planning, researching and evolving a concept while watching it flourish into a potentially successful business. Your contribution allows us to run this 13-week programme and have funds of up to £1000 available for each business during the testing and development stage of their journey with the possibility of more investment at the end.

About the 100 Black Men of London

The 100 Black Men of London is a community based charity (established in 2001) led by black men, delivering programmes focused on Mentoring, Education, Economic Empowerment, and Health & Wellness.

Through our accredited Community Mentoring Programme we help our mentees develop invaluable life skills, such as building your self-esteem; goal setting; money management; effective communication; succeeding at school; fitness & good nutrition; how to avoid crime & violence and more.

As part of our economic empowerment pillar, we are aiming to create a business incubator that will build our community and leave a lasting positive impact. We want to create transformative economic empowerment in the same way we have been able to create young diamonds with our Community Mentoring Programme.

7 Superb Reasons to Support Our Campaign

1. This year was our 16th birthday - established in 2001, this is our 16th year anniversary so we are one of the longest serving Black led mentoring organisations in the country with a long track record of service to our community.

The motto of our Community Mentoring Programme is 'what they see is what they'll be', and so we aim to be positive role models to our youth through the positivity, professionalism, and passion with which we do our work.


2. You will be assisting young passionate entrepreneurs to get mentorship -The mentor’s role is a crucial part of the entrepreneur’s journey and development. We will provide experienced mentors with the necessary skills and knowledge to guide the start-up businesses along their journey.

 3. You will be assisting us to host business workshops for the 5 start-ups and the wider community- These workshops will introduce entrepreneurs to basic techniques and tools that are key to every business’ success.

4. You are helping young businesses get access to further funding – We are aiming to get our young businesses investment ready. The 13-week programme will help them develop the core skills that will allow them to present themselves in front of investors. Furthermore, we will have a presentation day at the end of the programme where investors will get an opportunity to offer further financial assistance to our start-ups

5.  Your money goes where it counts - all our work is delivered by unpaid members and volunteers, who give their time willingly to help guide and support the youth of our community. (In fact, as members, we pay annual dues to help fund our programmes, which shows how much we believe in what we do for the community). 

It means that the money you donate goes directly to fund the work that we do to help build the businesses for the future.



6. You will be part of a movement to create economic independence – We are reaching out to our community and asking them to partner with us. We aim to develop a sustainable fully independent incubator programme, to do this we are relying on you to give us the initial financial assistance.



7.  Success will no longer be a dream-Behind most of the successful tech start-ups that we know and cannot live without, is a group of venture capitalists that invested in their dream to allow these young entrepreneurs to be where they are today. These include businesses like Facebook, Twitter, and Uber. You are helping us support the next idea that could transform our community by creating employment and industries that we fully own. If you do not take this opportunity to invest or even circulate amongst your network you will be part of the problem, not the solution,


How can you contribute?

We have several levels of donation and rewards for each of those amounts. Although we need to raise £10'000, we are also looking for partners who can assist us in running the programme.

We are extremely grateful for each donation and as well as the other rewards listed, our President will write a personal thank you letter of acknowledgment to recognise your support.

Just click on any of the Pledge amounts and follow the instructions.

If you believe entrepreneurs deserve the chance to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential...

PLEASE GIVE  #Invest100!

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