Invest In Us "Aquavitae" Post Covid 19

by Invest In Us "Aquavitae" Post Covid in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom


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To generate the funds to survive post pandemic. Relaunch and adapt the business to the new marketplace saving jobs and local live music

by Invest In Us "Aquavitae" Post Covid in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

I Started off as a Doorman working inside the 21 Club for many years, I fell in love with the heritage, and incredible party atmosphere, generating fun memories for all. This created an environment which is friendly for all age ranges and became an institution locally and welcomed visitors from around the world. The number one go to venue after the Cheltenham races where you can rub shoulders with the jockeys, trainers, pundits, and sporting personalities to celebrate your wins or dance the night away. After an opportunity presented itself, myself and business partner were able to raise funds to purchase the business back in August 2017. Since running the business we have continued to add new event nights and live music attractions also, developing a new food provision to help drive the business into the future. 

In March of 2020 the pandemic forced us to completely close and has caused everyone to be affected financially. We furloughed what we could, some 35 staff members and tried to find a way out of the lockdown. The historic Grade II site is vast and complex. Due to this, so are the outgoings and the people that rely on it. 

In August we adapted and reopened to a heavily reduced capacity but did so with a bang where we were the busiest venue in Cheltenham serving a new range of food and drinks with events successfully delivered within the imposed COVID-19 regulations. 

Sadly, the combination of the 10pm curfew and the most recent lockdown has placed the business into a precarious position. We need funds to survive, rebuild and invest to protect our future, allowing us to open safely, adapt and to our full capacity. 

We would use the money raised to: 


  • Re-employ dozens of staff, creating new opportunities for people and supporting again many local businesses. 
  • Meet bills and overheads that have surmounted through two lockdowns


  • We have exciting plans to create a beautiful private room that will be the number one place to book your party.
  • We are currently building a fine dining aspect of the venue
  • A SpeakEasy will be installed to create a new element of mystery and exclusivity
  •  The building next door to us we are looking to develop as a Tiki Bar with a joint stunning covered outside area
  • Expand our live music and events 

We have put together what we feel is a great selection of items in exchange for your investment in us. 

We are your number one go to place for food and drinks, once restrictions can be lifted, parties and race nights can resume. You will be able to use what you've earnt for your investment in us when we reopen. You will not only be the first to know about all our new events, but you will receive a membership black card for free that will entitle you to be a part of and get exclusive discounts with us for life.

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