Support my Goals in the UKs Expanding CBD Market

by Monica Foster in London, England, United Kingdom

Support my Goals in the UKs Expanding CBD Market


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To become the face of the UKs Cannabidiol (CBD) market and to lead as the number one premium supplier, eradicating dishonest suppliers.

by Monica Foster in London, England, United Kingdom


I have extensive knowledge of CBD as I have personally overcome challenges using this herb. I previously suffered with PCOS and obesity and regulated both issues with CBD in 2014.  I couldn't be more motivated to bring premium CBD to the UK.

All of the tools required to bring this project to reality is very near completion. I would like funding to skip the slow start of the business and get a head start into becoming the face of this new market.

All aspects of social media are underway, the relevant insurances and licenses have been applied for. I want to establish funding prior to completing launch as it will completely change the way this business takes to the market.

The Market

CBD is safe for consumption from 3 months+ old as confirmed by the World Health Organisation. It is also safe for animals to consume. There is no limit to it's users.

CBD is currently solely permitted for medicinal use. The consumers of this product may suffer from one of the following examples: chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, cancer, diabetes, weight imbalances and sleep disorders. Some choose to include CBD in their diet as a preventative measure. The market potential is huge.

The unique advantage of my business is that the CBD Collective will be led by passion and I have a wealth of ideas which will keep us at the forefront of the market with products that will truly change the lives of the users.

The Business

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the fastest growing health products in the UK, projected to be worth 2bn by 2020. CBD was legalised recently in the UK due to its range of medicinal benefits and the market is growing very quickly. 

CBD Collective UK will supply premium CBD products, operating as an E-Commerce store and within five years aim supply it's products in premium health stores such as Holland and Barrett, Whole Foods & Planet Organic.

The market is not heavily regulated, due to it being relavtively new - With this comes dishonest retailers who attempt to sell products which have not been correctly quality checked and will in turn ruin the reputation of this fantastic herb, I am passionate about quality and will lead by example. There is no face for CBD, CBD Collective UK will become the household name for consumers in the UK.

I have secured a supplier of pure premium, high grade CBD products. I have a small team, ready to package and deliver products to customers. 

There will never be a better time for this business in the UK.


CBD Collective UK will be leader in the market. Quality will be like no other and this will be certified by quality checks & fuelled by passion. 

Short term, the business will establish a name online and throughout social media platforms. The business will produce a range of CBD products, with it's sole focus on CBD oil.

The plan is to sell to selected establishments and gain exposure and trust in the market.

I have a tested model for this companies success. By the third year, we will produce the product in the UK, this will be funded by profit.

Team Overview

This will be a family business, run by myself as the director along with my mother and my two brothers - This will keep staffing costs low whilst the business grows.

I am a web designer, marketing expert and entrepreneur. I have a wealth of sales experience and have the necessary tools to turn your funding into profit.

My mother is a holistic doctor and has priceless knowledge of the herbal remedy industry. This will give us an edge when approaching clients. She also has knowledge of cosmetology and creating healthcare products.

My brothers will be involved in the packaging, quality testing and delivery. They are highly analytical are natural perfectionists - This will ensure a truly, premium product.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my business goals, I welcome any questions you may have and I will be very grateful for your funding.


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