Invest in a Unique Cake Shop

Invest in a Unique Cake Shop

My aim to is buy an already up and running cake business and add on a cake cafe. Adding a unique perspective that isn't seen in the UK.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I propose to takeover a retiring cake shop. They currently only sell celebration cakes, but I plan to turn half of the shop into a cupcake cafe, which would sell only cupcakes and drinks. Eventually having multiple shops and a warehouse for national delivery.

Baking and cake decorating is a passion of mine, and I enjoy it immensely. I have been doing it for many years, and feel the time is right to move forward, and take the next step in my career.
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Cake is something that has been around for centuries. It is used to celebrate birthdays, weddings, christenings and graduations. There is even cakes for funerals and divorces!

There are plenty of home cake makers, and even cake shops out there. But what makes my idea unique is that there isn’t anything like it in the local area.

Delivery to local areas daily - I plan to offer next day delivery on cupcakes if ordered by 4pm the day before. This would be to local homes, businesses, restaurants and schools.

Celebration cakes - I would be providing high end cakes for any occassion, using only the best ingredients. I would be sourcing local butter, cream, milk and eggs. I will use top end chocolate such as Callebaut and Valhrona.

Charity fundraising – a new charity chosen by the local area every month/3 months. This will enable me to keep in touch with the local community, proving to them that we do care, and are willing to give money to different charities. I would also look to providing cupcakes/cakes for local charity events that can be sold off.

I believe this is a brilliant idea, as there is already a cake shop in the premises that is successful. The owner is wanting to retire, and there is no other competition in the area. All of the cake shops that were open have closed, and this shop is the sole survivor, and it is still thriving. It is the only shop used by local hotels and clients. The order book is filling up as far as April 2018.

 The location of the shop is ideal for commuters, people staying in the hotels, and general foot flow. It is on the corner of a busy roundabout, and there is no other shops along that side of the road selling coffee or snacks, so it is the ideal place.

Market Research has shown that Chester is continuing to expand, with new schools, business and property being built up. Chester is a very sought after area, and there is a fantastic university here which attracts students from all over the world.

In order to buy the business, I need to acquire a minimum of £35,000. To turn it into the cupcake cafe, I am looking for a total of £70,000 as it will need a refit. The money will be used to purchase the business and pay for the first months bills, utilities and ingredients. It will also be used to purchase a 2nd mixer, storage racks, a dishwasher, counter area, an up to date POS system, display units, signage, a website, and general marketing materials. On top of that it will also cover new tables and chairs, new toilet facilities, and a full new flooring and paint and decoration.