Invention For People To Stay Healthy/Lose Weight.

by Franco in Shipley, England, United Kingdom

Invention For People To Stay Healthy/Lose Weight.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To patent,license and manufacture a new invention,whoever contributes £1000 or more will get a cut out of this if/when this item sells.

by Franco in Shipley, England, United Kingdom

Hi I am wanting to fund a new invention so that hundreds of thousands or millions of people worldwide can benefit from this,this is a really useful invention,and I want to help people with this new idea,it will benefit people of all ages and will stop a lot of people with a healthy option to eat,this is not a vitamin tablet,in any shape or form,im unable to say what it is for obvious reasons but will benefit many people arround the world,this is packed with vitamins,this is all I can say right now.

Whoever contributes £1000 or more will get a cut out of this item if/when it sells,I suspect this will sell in the 100's of thousands,and possibly millions worldwide.

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