An introduction to Black History for Early Years.

by Donna Ali in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom


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This project is to celebrate Wales, being the 1st Nation in the UK to de- colonise the curriculum in 2022.

by Donna Ali in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

The 19th March 2021, was the official release day of the WG report to decolognise the curriculum. This is a momentous moment, so proud of Wales for being the nation to lead the way into change.

The Campbell Network, is a Community Interest Company, developed for YOU! Named after the 1st black headmistress, Mrs Campbell, who believed in celebrating the black experience and other cultures. I did not have the honour of being taught by her, but I have been totally inspired by her love for children seeing themselves as sucessful contributors to their communities and the world.

I have no doubt in my mind Mrs Campbell's legacy in the Welsh education system, was the major contributor to the new curriculum being made mandatory! 

Her spirit was definitely in that room! 

Over the past year, we have seen many changes happening, new initatives have emerged, equity is being sought and conversations are happening all over the globe. 

This change is coming to Wales in 2022, but we can't wait!! Please help The CN get 20 pkts of these books into Primary schools across Wales.

We will choose schools from different local authorities and "gift" them with a collection of x4 children's African history books. 

As a social enterprise, we have pledged to use our profits from end of yr1, to provide schools in Wales with books telling the stories of black and brown people, locally and a far!

To help us kick this off, please donate what you can and let's get the children in Wales hearing stories of amazing people like: 

Mansa Munsa in the mainstream.. TODAY!


Let's make 'An introduction to Black History for Early Years.' happen

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