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We did it!

On 2nd Apr 2014 we successfully raised £3,520 of £3,500 target with 37 supporters in 14 days

For the last five years, my vision for connecting people of all ages with nature has grown. Research says that the natural roaming circle of children has reduced by 90% and their time spent playing outside has declined by 50% in a generation (Project Wild Thing), and that being surrounded by nature makes ALL of us feel more alive.


Intrepid:scotland has the expertise to lead you to explore, understand and really feel the benefits of connecting with nature, we want an intrepid day out day out to be the beginning of your rekindled relationship with the outdoor environment.

 We have been offered funding from Forth Valley order to accept their fantastic offer we have to be able to match fund it & that is where you come in. Please help us to obtain the match funding required to get intrepid off to a start in 2014 & let Tim's vision become a reality.


For the last year intrepid:scotland has been emerging from its cocoon and is ready to transform into a blossoming business but to do that we need to buy some equipment to help us which will include: i.t equipment, bat detectors, uniform, pond dipping kit, bushcraft kit, tarpaulins, hatchet, first-aid kit, and the occasional daily hire of a 4 x 4 vehicle.

 Intrepid wants to lead the way by utilising technology to enhance outdoor learning. So, you still get your screen time through use of smartphone and tablet technology, but this time you can use it to better understand the nature around you through a medium that you are familiar with. For example, have you ever done a treetop walk using a small mirror? Well, you can do the same thing using your smartphone!

 Intrepid has started life in a small way by testing the water with just a few local events for intrepid:kids with local schools where, we have lead barefoot sponsored walks, made natural christmas decorations, conducted a moonwatch evening and helped to create a school garden. For the local Brownies, intrepid lead a moonwatch and taught them the basics about natural navigation ( that to find your way without a map or a compass). We have helped the local cubs with pond dipping sessions too. Most recently we have forged a relationship with the Forestry Commission in Aberfoyle & have run Christmas and Easter Events in the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. We anticipate that this is just the start of a beautiful thing !


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