Into The Wild: Beyond The Trigger

by Ryan Dalton in London, England, United Kingdom

Into The Wild: Beyond The Trigger
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Beyond The Trigger is a project by Into The Wild to create a unique show that travels to Africa to talk to communities about trophy hunting.

by Ryan Dalton in London, England, United Kingdom

British, vegan & animal lover. Of course the term Trophy Hunting made me angry, why wouldn't it. Then I saw a Twitter thread about it. Animal activists arguing with hunters & scientists, scientists linking research papers with data & animal activists linking Born Free articles then hunters saying they are conservationists. There was a lot to take in & at the end of it I sat back & thought "where's the African voices in this?" No one had shared or made any comments about what the local African people think of trophy hunting & with that in mind, was I actually learning anything? Or was I just siding with a view that fit my mindset & moral compass most?

From there I couldn't get it off my mind. If you want to learn about car engines, you talk to a mechanic, if you want to learn how to play a piano, you talk to a piano teacher, why was no one talking to the people who manage trophy hunting in Africa. That's when I decided I would. Through my wildlife & conservation podcast Into The Wild, I reached out to Maxi Louis, John Mwilima & Lorna Dax from Namibia who work in 3 different conservancies that use trophy hunting.1610711344_img_3431_(1).jpeg

I & people who listened to the show learnt so much about how trophy hunting works in Namibia. No agendas. No bias selling. Just education about operation, wildlife regulation & local communities.

But I still couldn't stop thinking about it. Every week a new Twitter thread of arguments & people making nothing short of racist remarks against people in Africa...


& hunters replying with images of them standing over dead animals. The celebrities commenting. People with huge platforms making false, inaccurate or lazy claims. My head was ready to explode.

This is when I decided, not only do I want to learn more but I want to give a platform to the voices in Africa that are being ignored. I want to interview people in different countries about how trophy hunting works, what happens after the hunt & what the details of it are. I want to ask them what changes they want to see happen. I want to go Beyond The Trigger.

Into The Wild is an independent wildlife & conservation podcast show. It aims to be majority listener funded & with that, Ryan & Into The Wild is asking for any donation of any size to help create this important & unique short film. A film that shows a journey of a British, vegan wildlife lover as he travels to remote parts of Africa with the aim to listen to people that get shut down or ignored so often in a topic that massively affects them.

Thank you & in turn, any named donation will be credited in the film.





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