Intimate Classics in the City

Intimate Classics in the City

Intimate Classics in the City is a brand new Classical Music Series in the Hull! Free entry for everybody, to inspire the community!

We did it!

On 21st Nov 2016 we successfully raised £120 with 6 supporters in 42 days

Intimate Classics in the City is a brand new Classical Music Series in Kingston-upon-Hull's Old Town. We are aiming to promote classical music, help potential new stars from Hull and help save St Mary's, Lowgate, Hull's oldest church!

We want to help new audiences appreciate classical music without fear of the cost! This will be a free series, and we want to encourage everyone from every corner of Hull and beyond to come and give it a chance. Cost is often cited as a deterrent for people who might otherwise give a classical concert a try. We hope people will take this opportunity to experience what classical music has to offer and may be encouraged to try some of the other wonderful classical music offerings the City of Hull has to offer.

We will be bringing in recent graduates of top conservatoires, as well as professionals, and local students from the Albermarle Music Centre and Hull University amongst others. The three prongs of this project are to encourage music audiences in Hull, to showcase local performers from Hull and to help St Mary’s on its challenging goal to put right the fabric of the church.  We are very fortunate that the decorated local conductor Andrew Penny MBE who is one of the most well-known and long serving high profile musicians in the city has agreed to be the patron of the series.
St Mary’s is the oldest Parish Church in Hull and is atmospheric, historic and beautiful.  Often in the shadow of its higher profile neighbour, Holy Trinity Church, it is in dire need of funds for urgent repairs, not least to get the heating system working again, and to undertake areas of sympathetic modernisation to make it fit for the modern age.  The church is relevant to the modern day and undertakes much work with the homeless of the city.  It has survived for hundreds of years, helping the community, and now needs help itself.  We feel sure that if audiences enjoy what we have to offer in such a beautiful setting they will want to contribute at whatever level they can to the retiring collection to help the church continue into the future.

We are hoping to raise £2500 to support the materials needed to stage the concerts.
The materials we need are:

• Equipment to enable advertising of concerts such as notice boards/banners etc £300
• 5 Kinsman Deluxe Music Stands  £120
• Suitable seating for performers £250
• 6 portable heaters £380  (for winter concerts as church heating currently not working)
• Help with expenses for performers (All performers have agreed to give their time for free but as some are travelling considerable distance will require help with expenses) £600
• Help with producing publicity materials such as posters, media entries £300
• Help for the church with up-front cost of providing refreshments £200
• Miscellaneous extra equipment such as basic recording equipment to promote the series on-line and stand lights as the church is rather dark at certain times of year. £350

By making a success of this series we hope to set a precedent for music to continue in the beautiful setting St Mary’s Church into the future.

Let's make this happen!! :) 

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