Intervention Party Fund - General Election 2021

Intervention Party Fund - General Election 2021

Donate today and help us to build a true alternative UK political party and to elect some Intervention Party MPs.

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Bring the changes!

DONATE TODAY for a new voice in Parliament standing up for social, economic and environmental justice.

For too long now, the "elite" or "ruling class" have been creating a world and making decisions based entirely on their wants and needs. They purposefully lie to the average citizen, making promises they know they will not keep, in order to be elected once again. 

When their seat in power is secured, they continue their selfish mission by claiming expenses for a second home, for first-class travel and expensive meals, all funded by the tax-payer.

This party is for you. For the down-trodden, the cynics, the disillusioned souls who feel this country needs and deserves better. We are neither "right", nor "left". We would be "dead centre", where the Liberal Democrats are, but are failing to truly identify and represent the people, with a slight left leaning, when pushed.

Together we can bring the changes that need to be introduced. We are to stop tax-dodging, under-funding schools and emergency services and the mind-set of fear injected by these wholly out-of-touch individuals.

 Help us create history and build a party that is by the people, for the people.

With this snap General Election Theresa May is attempting to cover her bases. Either she "loses" and blames Labour when Brexit fails (which is inevitable to some degree), or the Conservatives win and she avoids having to defend the abysmal record of her Government because the country backed them.

As a new party, we are seeking a very large sum, but this would be to secure and promote ourselves up to and including the next General Election, following this snap election. We plan to have three or four representatives to begin, with this number growing as our support grows.

We cannot accept big money amounts (£500+) from unidentifiable sources and/or outside the UK, so please donate carefully to our campaign. We would have to return the funds, if over £500 and we cannot identify you, or you are based outside the UK. Together, we can be the strongest progressive voice in Parliament.

  • £2 - A great beginning to what will be a great future.
  • £5 - allows us to begin to cover the running costs of our website, informing all of our intentions
  • £10 - boosts our social media posts (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.) to get our key policies known
  • £20 - begins a budget for official advertising via differing media forms (internet, newspaper etc.)
  • £50 - gets 500 hard-hitting policy focussed leaflets printed.
  • £100 - covers bespoke website costs for two years
  • £250 - Allows us to register the party as an official political party in the UK, as well as boosting our media campaign
  • £475 - Provides us with the funds to have a candidate stand in a local election

 £50 from 15,000 supporters boosts us to our stretch target of £900,000 and would fund a huge, targeted campaign to get even more support and Intervention MPs into parliament.

We do not live in a meritocracy. It doesn't matter if you are more skilled, more knowledgeable or harder working, if you do not have connections, or suck up to your boss, you will never get very high up the ladder.

Did you watch the Dark Knight trilogy, thinking that the villains had a point? The world is corrupt and greedy and nobody cares about groups of people dying, as long as it isn't too close to them, as its “all part of the plan”.

I am state school educated, a graduate of a local university, have been unemployed, had a zero-hour contract, been made redundant, supervised staff, worked in two fast-food restaurants, factories, warehouses, banking, employment, the probation service and shipping.

Not once have I earned the alleged national “average” salary of twenty-five thousand.

In terms of health, I used to be super-fit in my late-teens, early twenties. Now, however, I have knackered knees and ankles, asthma and I had brain surgery, which saved my sight. Go to your optician, they might find more than you expect.

My point is, I have experienced quite a lot in my life and chances are, I have something you can relate to. I am not a privately educated, child of millionaires, who has never had a real job in their life, like most of our current MPs. Also, unlike most current MPs, I am honest and will not avoid answering a question. If I do not know the answer, I'll tell you that, but I will find out the answer.

I am not normal; ask my friends and family, they'll say I'm a bit weird. Normal is just another word for boring, you need to stand out of the crowd, be everything you can be, do what you can, while you can. This is exactly what I am doing. That is why I am doing this, bringing this idea to you.

We are the party to promote meritocracy, we have no prejudice against anyone because of their race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, or any other physical characteristic. The one thing we will and do judge people on is their personality, their points of view.

If a person is racist, sexist etc. we do not tolerate this. People of all persuasions, black, white, old, young, Christian, Muslim, man, woman, disabled, or able bodied can be arseholes. We accept this, and each arsehole will be treated as such, because they are an arsehole.

We do not accept that whole groups of society are mistreated because of the actions of the few. If you were beaten up by a black, disabled, elderly, Jewish female, you are not going to immediately hate all people who share characteristics with that person.

Similarly, if all people who are black, disabled, elderly, Jewish or women were chastised and made to feel alienated because one the actions of this one individual, then of course, eventually more will lash out. Some in very extreme ways.

We, in this country, are all alive thanks to millennia of immigration. We have invaded and been invaded so many times, that it would not be possible for anyone here to be “pure” British.

The immigration numbers are disproportionately high for such a relatively small country, there is no doubting that. Ask yourself; if you lived in a country where living meant working eighteen hour days, seven days a week, in order to earn enough money to eat and you heard of a place that paid ten times the hourly wage and forty hour weeks were the norm, would you not take your family there?

I have seen people saying on far right posts things along the lines of “they should sort their own country out” and “it's not our problem”. The truth is, they can't. How would any of them ever have the opportunity to, when they are working so often to survive?

Also, it is our problem because this is the twenty-first century, not the dark ages and if we do not help by providing their countries with aid and taking in those who want to help us, then there will never be an end to it.

Having said that, we are not fans of “encouraging job applications” from minorities, as this in itself is positive discrimination. The very fact that some companies and government agencies feel the need to mention this means that they acknowledge the person hiring could well be a racist.

This should not come into it. Whoever is most qualified should be hired; it is as simple as that.    

Have you ever felt unappreciated, or under-utilised at work?

If you have worked in customer service, you will understand that the customer is not always right and the attitude claiming they are is not helping anything.

Have you ever questioned authority at work but then been reprimanded for going against “company initiatives”? We know that many people in businesses, especially management, are not always as wise as they would like to be perceived. 

If you do not question authority, how do you expect things to change? A bad situation at work, or indeed society, needs to be questioned. The people involved must accept questions and consider the alternatives, rather than discipline those brave enough to step up and be heard.

Are you a cynic, sceptic, dark-humoured, but morally-strong individual who stands up to authority? We are.

You can be too. You do not have to be a sheep, voting for the lesser of two evils. If you want a protest vote, here we are. If you do not think that your vote matters, here we are. If you are voting for a party, just because you don't want the other to win, here we are.

Bringing the changes, together.

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