We'd like fund the production and tour of an innovative and collaborative theatre piece Intersect: fresh theatre for the digital age.

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Our project

Intersect is an ambitious collaborative project between Up The Ante and Irrational Behaviour. Intersect will use projections, music, physical theatre and expressionism to merge stage and screen, exploring the concept of crossing the celluloid divide. Where is the divide, and what happens when we cross it? The project explores philosophy and our relationship with technology. Intersect will take you to the very edges of our perceived world, provoking the question, who sees? Do the eyes see? Or is it the brain? Can we turn the world upside down by changing our perception? The production is aimed at a technical generation, and is inspired by the inquisitive mind and philosophical nature of children. It will take the audience on a journey of discovering philosophical ideas and questions, without dictating. The piece will be beautiful and thought-provoking, exploring divisions between worlds, alternate existences and realities, and possible parallel worlds. In this piece, one world will permeate another by crossing a celluloid divide. 

The project has been developed using Up The Ante's exploratory theatre process, first creating a basic structure and then working with actors to explore and develop scene-by-scene using movement and improvisation. The process aims for a genuine connection between the performer and the piece, and always strives to bring the most refreshing and exciting audience experience.

Who we are

Up The Ante are an exploratory company making contemporary theatre work through a collaborative process. UTA have a history of incorporating media elements, and compose and produce their own music. Irrational Behaviour are a Street Theatre company creating innovative street art and performance work. Intersect is the brainchild of Kara Wheatley, Artistic Director of Irrational Behaviour and member of Up The Ante. They will be working with composer Lucy Hannam, and film crew Carl Wakfer and Michael Brumby to develop and integrate the film segments.

Up The Ante have been self-funded for 3years, and this will be their third production. Building theatre takes a lot of time and money, booking rehearsal space, equipment hire, costumes, props, insurance, marketing,  booking performance spaces, travel costs, food budget and artist's wages, and the list goes on. We absolutely can't make this production without your help. What we do have is an amazing team, some incredible ideas, and a world of passion and drive to make this performance happen. Intersect is relevant and engaging, and the story will be told in an innovative and imaginative way. We believe this story deserves to be told, and we thank each and every one of you who help us to make this possible.

The Team

Jo Byron, Kara Wheatley, Lucy Hannam.

Also working with Emily Merrifield, filmmaker Carl Wakfer, photographer Michael Brumby, and illustrator Dan Budd.

The Cast

 Leanda Mochrie, Georgie Fenwick, Alice Cozza, Elizabeth Eaton and Samantha McLaughlin.

Our amazing team and collaborators are featured on our website.

Visit Irrational Behaviour's website.


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