Internship at Scripps Oceanography, California

by Rhianna Crisp in San Diego, California, United States

Internship at Scripps Oceanography, California


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I have been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to intern at the University of California for 8 weeks in the Oceanography centre.

by Rhianna Crisp in San Diego, California, United States

I am currently a second year Geography student at the University of Southampton, with a particular passion for conservation and biogeography. This year I have focussed in on my interests as well as continuing my skills in the Applied GIS module.  Next year I intend on specialising further taking a module in Biogeography and the Advanced GIS module, as well as two Environmental Science modules, and plan to carry out research into conservation and biogeography/ecology for my dissertation. Following my undergraduate I plan on taking MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Southampton, exploring my passions and educating myself more about what I love, enabling future possibilities of a career in sustainability, research or activism. 

Alongside my degree I am a member of Surf, Kite Surfing and Wakeboarding Society where I’m exploring my love for water sports while travelling and exploring amazing coastal locations. Next year I am on committee for all three of these water sports - as Media Secretary, Social Secretary and Treasurer, so I can be involved in the things I love and give back to the societies. I’m also part of the Geography Society and the Geography netball team, alongside being a keen gym goer! In my free time I am also taking an optional extra language course in Spanish with the University to continue earning the language following on from my A-level and working towards a goal of mine to speak fluently.

Outside of University, travel and photography are my passions, recently rediscovering my love for film photography. Following my A-levels I took a gap year travelling for 4 months after working full time, exploring parts of South East Asia, Indonesia, Fiji and New Zealand. Since then I have gone away for many city breaks, visiting as many beautiful cities that I can.

This opportunity is one I am unbelievably excited about and still can't quite believe I have got. I have been offered 1 of 5 places given to the whole of the University of Southampton, to intern at The Scripps Institution for Oceanography at the University of California in San Diego  for research internship position in Dariusz Stramski's lab, working on satellite applications for ocean remote sensing. This is a real dream for me, and opens up the possibility of a career in Oceanography for me after studying Geography at University. 

This internship is unpaid, and I have to cover the costs of the training programme, flights and accommodation. Many internships such as this one in a top Oceanography centre are unpaid, and very very hard to come by, so although the costs are high it is an investment into my future and irreplaceable experience with incomparable eduction. 

The cost of 8 week onsite accommodation, the training and programme fee, as well as visa processing is around £2900. I am eligible to receive funding from Southampton University to study abroad, of around £1800 (not yet confirmed). I also need to cover flights and living costs. 

The total cost of this tip is looking at around £4500 - all included. I have been working part-time through second year and over the last two months have done all I can to cut costs of living here to save up however that is difficult as a student so I am looking for any support that I can get to make this opportunity for me, possible. 

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