Internet Technology to save lives

Internet Technology to save lives

The aim of this campain is to built an secure Internet platform helping spread the word on human and animal right violations, fight against

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


I'v been on you site and was wondering if my web platform to promote human and animal rights and fight terrorism through the use of complet web/Internet Technology
could 'fit in' your web site/the type of projects you're interested in.

The aim of this campaign is to built an secure Internet platform
helping spread the word on human and animal right violations, fight terrorism and promoting human and animal rights in democratic and nondemocratic countries.
The aim of the program is to promote, defend and enforce human and animal rights throughout the world both in democratic and non-democratic (where most fundamental rights of the weakest are more seriously
harmed lead by extremist/fascist governments especially in Islamic world (Iran,Iraq,,Qatar,...), China and North Korea.) countries thru a secure network thru which Human Right Organizations and
defenders can login and express real life cases arising awareness abroad described bellow guarded against external eavesdropping.
Promoting fundamental rights throughout the world (and especially within those oppressed countries) is paramount in the movement to gain fundamental human freedoms globally.
This will be beneficial both within those non-democratic countries and worldwide and is a step forward promoting world peace and fighting terrorism.
The beneficial effects of the program not only help build better relations between countries but also between communities and between individuals themselves.
The fight for human right and liberties started 3 and half centuries ago,around 17 century when first settlers started escaping dictatorship regime in the european continent and start
building America. This program is built on the same spirit as the one who built America,that is, freedom, equality, justice, representability and prosperity.
Unfortunately, still today,2nd decade beginning 21th century,dictatorship still prevails in some countries and hundreds of millions are still in the 'darkness'
Those regimes literally 'crush' the people's (especially the weak) must fundamental rights.
They brainwash teens/young adults (and in some countries even young children) into Islamic, extremist, fascist ‘commandos’ and promote hate, violence, and war,
not only in USA but in other western democratic countries too.
We, too, in Québec have issues with those groups but to a lesser extent than in US. The recent events including numerous terrorist attacks in most democratic countries
and not so recent (9/11) – are just reminders.
The war on terrorism is a multi-dimensional/multi-lateral fight which calls for democratic governments,worldwide human rights organizations, communities, institution and individuals alike to
seek out common goals thru a variety of 'contra-measures' to deter such pleas
Fundamental discussion with respect or religious/political differences,this is,talking instead of fighting is the most peaceful and effective way in the long term to end this fight.
As we all say to our children,violence is at first glance the 'easiest' way out, but problem is,it not sustainable in the long term. Fundamental discussion is the hardest way but most effective
in the long term. This is the chosen path by this program.

The funds collected will be used to build a secure internet platform
1) helping word out human rights violations and promoting human rights in democratic and nondemocratic countries
2) helping democratic governments (US,Canada,Europe,...) fight terrorism
3) bring more equality amongst (gender,ethnies,nationalities,religions,...) fighting undue discrimination/segregation
4) bring a more peaceful relations amongst individuals, communities, states and countries worldwide
5) helping organisations/institutions who speak in the name of the vulnerable (rights of women, children, disabled, elderly various minorities (religious, political, sexual)) better help those in a more effective/efficient way
6) helping individuals, or group of, find the appropriate organisations/institutions who can help them
7) helping organisations/institutions better find/target individuals they want to help

this program works with multiple interface and website (forum, blog, livejournal, ...) and social media-multiple (facebook, twitter, ...)
and serves as a tool for defenders/promoters of human rights, both to organizations and institutions of human rights (rights of women, children, disabled, elderly
various minorities (religious, political, sexual)) get their cause, and roots of to public awareness,thus helping those

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