Internet Matters to the Village too.

Internet Matters to the Village too.

To pilot Broadband Internet connectivity of Rural Areas of Teso, Eastern Uganda to power productivity, knowledge sharing and market aceess

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Teso Region in Eastern Uganda equally suffered from war and turmoil following the change of goverment in 1986. The region has remained lagging drastically in economic and social development benchments in particlur Education, Health, Food stocks, Housing, Energy and crucially Technology.

The project aims to institute Internet Technolgy to enable Connectivity to share Knowledge equitably linking the rural areas to the rest of the economy and the world, power Production in teaching best farming practices, and enabling market access.

Health provision is grim and while patient to doctor ratios are ever increasing globally, terchnology through e medicine and other provisions, offers the most likely best option. 

Education provision is ever despiring with weakening access to content and delivery systems, innovation. This prpject will not only enable linkages but also harmonising content that is current and relevant.

The economy is agriculture dependent and the region is handicapped by inadequate access and training in best farming methods, including viable markets that would enable re investment. Technology woould enable the region to acccess expertise and knowledge sharing , market segmentation due to innovation and market connectivity and so on.

Technology sector would support the provision of Life Essential needs while linking production to livehood and quality of life.

We appeal for crowd funding to pilot the project following a feasibility study, to test proof of concept. We particulry need the funding as the region is depleted economically and the rest of potential funders view the region passively economically

With this crowd funding we are confident we can start to invst in delivering the project, and we need this amount so that we can begin to deploy reday for full project subsequeent to the pilot pahse.

The project is a social enterprise ensuring social iompact as well as re investing to livelhood and enterprise.

We are alo ensuring that the project will be self sustaining on two key apects one being the model of member subscription to the services, and the other being productivity linked.

We request for any and every assistance

We estimate that 10% of the target recipients would be suffient to break even with supportfrom this fund.