Internet access for school children in Palestine

by San Ghanny in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Internet access for school children in Palestine


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We are raising money for the school children of Al-Masara, a village in the Bethlehem hills, to have access to online classes.

by San Ghanny in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

The schools have been closed during the pandemic and the local community centre has been making Wifi available at the centre for those local people who do not have access at home. This enables children to take part in online classes. The community centre is under-resourced and now needs help to keep this support available. 

In pre-pandemic times, we visited the village of Al-Masara as a choir and sang and danced with the children in this community centre. We all know just how important access to technology can be just now, and hope we can help support our friends in Palestine who are experiencing the combined impacts of the global pandemic on top of the ongoing Occupation. 

Let's make 'Internet access for school children in Palestine' happen

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