Interlude - Short Film

Interlude - Short Film

To raise enough money to bring Interlude Short Film to life. Funds will go towards costume, set material as well as catering for crew.

We did it!

On 28th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £520 of £500 target with 8 supporters in 14 days



In an elevator that appears to be going nowhere, a police
officer and an actress ponder their mortality, and the
trajectory of their own lives.

Story & Characters

VALERIA ANSALDI(23) is a Brazilian immigrant to the UK. The aspiring actress got her start in modelling, plucked from the only other reality she ever knew; her older brother’s dealings in organized crime. Having arrived in England only 8 months’ prior, her burgeoning career has been severely hindered by the ever- present barrier of language. Valeria has an important audition on the morning where Interlude opens up. 

On arrival, she encounters an off-duty Officer - RODNEY JENKINS(38), who apologetically explains his lack of coordination as he carries offerings of contrition brought for his estranged family. They walk in, exchange customary smiles as they wait for the elevator.

The elevator doors shut, enclosing them in a crucible of faith self-worth, and broken ambition. As the hours go by, and their awareness of the never-ending upwards motion of the elevator increases, they begin to face the very tangible possibility that they are no longer in the realm of humanity. Several “final thoughts”, expressions of regret, and one failed attempted suicide later. Valeria transitions, leaving Officer Jenkins alone in a box. Left with nothing but his ability to hope for the best, and speculate about his destination.

What will the funds go to?

For Interlude, we are personally making an elevator within the confines of Ealing Studios as our working set. Carpenters, electricians as well as set designers are banding together to produce the set. The hourly rates as well as the amount of hours that will need to go in to building the various parts we need take us out of our already minimal budget. Funds will go on to help pay for the various professionals taking part in the making of the film, as well as catering, costume and visuals. 

Please consider helping fund this project, a lot of planning and passion have got us so far already, and with your help we will not only be able to make the film realistic, but more importantly the story. 





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