Interactive system and method of use

by Nicoletta Atanasova Murdjeva in Earl Shilton, England, United Kingdom

Interactive system and method of use


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The aim of the project is to develop a prototype of an Interactive system for treatment of Autism and similar conditions and problems.

by Nicoletta Atanasova Murdjeva in Earl Shilton, England, United Kingdom


WORLD OF HAPPINESS LTD was registered on 26.02.2020 with the main purpose of creating a prototype and developing a published patent application for ASD treatment and humanoid robots training. 

The company has exclusive rights of:

А registered trademark, called World of happiness together we succeed, registered on 26.04.2017 in European Union Intellectual Property Office which can be seen at

A published patent application PCT/EP2019/060205 with title Interactive system and method of use, filed on 18.04.2019 in World Intellectual Property Organization and published on 08.08.2019 with Publication Number WO/2019/149968 which can be read at







The interactive system is computer technology. It consists of a pair of holograms, called hologram and holographic assistant, a humanoid robot and a group of drones. 

The hologram is with the full physical identity of the participant, specific features, movements, and behaviour. 

The holographic assistant is a duplicated hologram also with the full physical identity of the participant but proportionally smaller in size. 

The hologram and the holographic assistant visually imitate and demonstrate the functions of the left and the right hemisphere of the brain.

The humanoid robot imitates a small child. It is like a toy.

The group of drones includes several small drones. The drones are used for attracting the attention of the participant, in need to distract the attention of the participant, and to bring rewards to the participant or to bring small objects for training.

The action of the interactive system is individual for each participant. The sequence of activities of the separate elements of the interactive system, the interaction between them and with the participant is chosen depending on the condition of the participant and his needs.  


There is no analogue of the interactive system in the world. This innovation is social. The use of the interactive system will develop the potential of people with ADS, their individual and social capabilities, their ability to integrate into society.

The advantages of the use of the interactive system are many. Here is a list of the main as in each activity and therapy there are specific features and benefits. 

1. The interactive system creates a safe and comfortable environment for the participant.

2. The interactive system works with the participant without any physical presence of people.

3. In the beginning, the interactive system predisposes the participant and does not require anything from him.

4. The participant unconsciously is included in a group when using the interactive system.

5. The interactive system works with the participant in the form of game and entertainment.

6. The interactive system helps the participant through the hologram which is its copy to get to know himself and to accept himself as a person. 

7. The interactive system shortens the time for which the participant accepts something new because he sees it.

8. The interactive system gives the participant a visual explanation of reactions and actions.

9. The interactive system visually displays more than one reaction in a given situation to the participant.

10. The interactive system gives the participant the right to choose.

11. The interactive system helps the participant to see himself as he can, knows, performs, understands, chooses, appreciates.

12. The interactive system creates a positive mood in the participant.

13. The interactive system helps the participant to self-learn.  

14. The interactive system teaches and shows visually to the participant how to defend himself and not to hurt himself.

15. The interactive system has the ability for multiple repetitions of a given situation or action until the participant perceives it as well as the possibility to add new explanations. 

16. When the participant is using the interactive system, the parents/guardians are given the opportunity in real time to observe directly and to intervene with specific suggestions for action of the interactive system depending on the situation and the behaviour of the participant.

17.The use of the interactive system is a new form of education and it will lead to creating many new jobs.


World of happiness Ltd will use the money for creating a prototype of the interactive system.  

With additional funding, World of happiness will start working on upgrading the base module. The use of the interactive system for autism treatment is the sum of many upgrades modules for each activity and therapy.


Our cause is related not only to the present but to the future. Autism is diagnosed after birth and nobody has a guarantee that their child will be safe. The number of children who are diagnosed with autism after firth is on the verge of becoming pandemic. According to the National Autistic Society autism is much more common than many people think. There are around 700,000 people on the autism spectrum in the UK – that's more than 1 in 100. If you include their families, autism is a part of daily life for 2.8 million people.

Our cause is for these children who are born now and will be diagnosed with autism, for the children with autism, for teenagers with autism, for the grown people with autism. 

We would like to thank all who will support us and donate funds for this humane cause. We would like to thank you that you will become a part of our idea. 

We would like to thank those who do not have the opportunity to donate funds but have read our cause. Please, share this opportunity for treatment with other people. The hope is also help. 

Together we succeed!

Thank you!

 World of happiness


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